Before jumping onto DUPLO LEGO, we all have to know about LEGO first. Almost all the kids love playing with LEGO and we always buy these for our kiddies. It is such a “Super Hit” brand, but do we know what LEGO really stands for? “LEGO” is an abbreviation for two Danish words i.e., “LEG GODT” which means “PLAYING WELL”, and this brand truly justifies this beautiful meaning.


Word “DUPLO” is derived from the Latin word used for “Double”. It’s because these “DUPLO BRICKS” are twice the size of the standard “LEGO BRICK”.


These DUPLO LEGO Bricks are very beneficial for our child’s development and learning. When our kids are busy playing with these bricks, they are actually learning and improving the following skills…:)

  1. A boost in motor and cognitive skills.
  2. Improvement in hand & eye coordination.
  3. When kids use these bricks and make towers and other objects, they are actually expressing whatever they see around them. Whenever their tower and any other thing they made using these bricks break, they remake by joining the bricks again and might make something new. This activity teaches them patience, cause and effect, creativity and trying again if something falls apart.
  4. DUPLO LEGO is a superb toy to share with friends and create something new. This sharing will teach them to turn to take and discussing ideas and accept different and new thought from other fellows.
  5. Though DUPLO LEGO is building blocks I do teach my kids colors, counting, and fractions through these amazing bricks. My 5-year-old Daughter always learns things by playing with toys rather than reading books. I have told this to her teacher, now her knowledge of counting and fractions is improved to many many folds and she is now on her way to learn addition and subtraction by using the same DUPLO LEGO Bricks.

Now, I am going to share some superb LEGO DUPLO sets. I am pretty sure your little one will like my choices too.


  • This pack includes 3 DUPLO locomotive car/wagon, 2 DUPLO figure kids, Number bricks from 0-9 and a little DUPLO Cat figure.
  • Best for your child to learn about number counting, shapes, and colors.
  • Amazon’s customer rating: 5 stars.

Age Recommendation: 18 months to 3 years.

Price: USA Buyers: $26.89



  • This pack includes 80 pieces of DUPLO Bricks of different sizes & shapes.
  • Kids can enjoy making flower, fish, helicopter or can create something else they want using their own creativity and intelligence.
  • Bricks are decorated and printed on both sides and also comes with a propeller to make a helicopter.
  • Building cards are also included for further ideas and help.
  • This set of bricks help your child in learning about different colors, shapes, things that they make and many other endless options to nurture their creativity, observation, and intelligence.
  • Amazon’s customer rating:4.5 stars on amazon.com and 5 stars on Amazon UK.

Age Recommendation: 18 months to 3 years.

Price: USA Buyers: $ 27.95



  • This pack of 28 pieces DUPLO Bricks with lively Vibrant colors.
  • Decorated and printed on both sides with four characters of different emotions.
  • When our little toddlers finish building these character with different emotions, then they can place related brick near every specific character (These bricks have ice cream dropped on the floor, deflated football, teddy bear and moon, and stars printed on them).  This will teach our tiny toddlers about emotions like anger, sadness, happiness, tiredness, sleepiness and much more.
  • You can also help your toddler to make funny stories out of these characters with different emotion or toddlers can pick one character according to what they feel at any time to express their feelings. Isn’t it an amazing way to learn, play and enjoy? Well, this DUPLO set is one of my favorite.
  • Amazon’s customer Rating: 5 Stars.

Age Recommendation: 18 months to 3 years.

Price: USA Buyers: $19.87



I am sure you all liked my collection of LEGO DUPLO. In this review, I have shared the simplest LEGO DUPLO that our little toddlers can enjoy. These toys are perfect for nurture our little child’s creativity and learning and at the same time peace of mind for parents without the fuss of batteries and noisy toys. lastly, one more plus point of LEGO DUPLO is that our child can play, learn and enjoy without realizing that they have been distracted from Electronic devices and prolonged screen time and prolonged. this makes LEGO DUPLO an ideal option for all our growing kids.


  1. It is incredibly, how good those DUPLO are. I love Lego, and I am glad to see, how my kids are playing with Duplo (they are too small for lego). It is expanding their cognitive skills. Do you know, are they compatible with normal lego later?

    • Hi Igor, thank you for your comments and for asking this question. LEGO DUPLO and LEGO both are of different sizes as I have mentioned in the “INTRO”. DUPLO and double the size of normal LEGO bricks so both these bricks are not compatible with each other but bigger size of DUPLO makes them a safe option for our tiny toddlers to play with.

  2. I agree that building blocks are great ways to tear kids away from screen and surely benefit young minds while having fun playing with them. This is proven by the fact that almost every home with kids (atleast in north America) has building block toys, including ours! 🙂

  3. I love duplos and legos! Legos believe or now are originally from Germany, and I am German so we have two huge bins full of legos and then all of the instruction manuals to go with them. I have to research now and see if Duplos are from Germany too. I can say they are a great toy for toddler and instill so much imagination. I loved sitting with the kids building things. I think this is a great choice, something that you can also save for the generations of kids, kind of like what I have done 🙂

    • Thank you so much Matts Mom for your appreciation. LEGO and LEGO DUPLO are the great choice for our kids to play with. These toys are very beneficial for their mental development. I am glad that you play with your kids using these LEGO as well, what a great way to spend quality time with kids.

  4. There are so many cool learning toys now. I wish I had had some of these things when I was a kid. I pretty much had to depend on my parents to teach me things and as far as having something to build, all we had were the lincoln logs.

    • Yes you are absolutely right now there are so many learning toys and tools available for kids which help them learning in a very fast manner. LEGO is one the most favorite toy of kids and almost every kid wants to have this wonderful toy.

  5. I never knew that’s what Lego stood for, very fitting. My mum just went through the Lego we used to play with. It goes to show how durable it is! It’s amazing what they come up with. I’m all for helping kids tap into their creativity. That’s clever using Lego Duplo to teach math too. They look like great products; the emotions one is cool. Well worth the investment.

    • Hi CJ, DUPLO with different emotions is my favorite too. These toys are really great and our kids learn a lot by playing with them. I haven’t heard of any child Who doesn’t want LEGO. These toys are really superb.

  6. Being Danish, I grew up with LEGO. It is part of my DNA in a way 🙂

    Back then, when I was a child, the variety of building blocks wasn’t that big but that didn’t stop us from creating amazing stuff. I clearly remember getting my very first LEGO train.

    When I became a parent myself, the big Duplo bricks were the first LEGO toy I bought my kids and over the years their collection of LEGO models expanded.

    You are almost correct with the translation of LEG GODT. The correct translation would be “play well” but yours are close enough for it to make sense 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your Duplo insight.

    • Thank you so much for the comments. Indeed, the variety of LEGO is available in the market now and kids love to play with these blocks all day long. The new models allowing kids to be more creative and innovative by creating their own imaginary stuff.

  7. My kids love duplo! and as a bi-result, I play with duplo as an adult on a weekly basis with them. it really is so clever. This is a great review – duplo is a classic that will stand the test of times


  8. Hi Sarah,
    These Duplo sets are amazing. I remember when my children were young and they had some Duplo blocks but nothing as nice as these.
    They are all getting so much nicer. I love the emotion set.
    I’ll be checking into these for my grandchildren.
    Thanks so much,


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