Creativity is ability to do things in different and unusual way. As our babies grow older, their curiosity about the surrounding world increases, they always love to explore whatever happens around them. Apart from this, have you ever noticed that young kids get bored with one toy or activity very quickly, well, from this boredom is where their thinking and creativity starts. So, it is good to get bored with one thing and try something else. In today’s article, I am presenting few DIY craft ideas for kids by using cardboard. Kids can follow the instructions and make their cardboard fun toys, the way they want, they can get an idea from the article and videos provided and make changes in it according to their thoughts and creativity. As, you all know, winter holidays are just around the corner and it is not possible to take kids out in this cold weather and indoor activities offered by gyms and clubs are not affordable on daily basis and at the same time we also have to keep kids active and busy rather than letting them sit in front of TV or tablet all the time. So, super parents, let’s see what our kids can do at home using cardboard and how we can help them in boosting their creativity and confidence.

Creativity boosts and fuels the problem-solving ability, thinking and imagination power and the ability to explore things differently in different and unfamiliar ways. It motivates our little ones in exploring different things and our encouragement and help in this process will boost their motivation and self-esteem to many folds.


Cardboard aeroplane is one of the fun activity to do with kids, just by using normal size cardboard boxes, glue, markers and scissors. So, parents and kiddies, let’s see the video demonstration about how to make an aeroplane using cardboard.

Creative ideas for Kids:

  • You can also make background of a sky by joining 4-8 big size blue papers. Draw a sun on that paper and also a rainbow and birds if you want. you can also make clouds by sticking cotton on the background paper.
  • You can also draw stars on white/yellow paper or by aluminium foil and cut and stick them on that big blue paper as shown in the picture.
  • Take a dark blue or black big sized paper and draw moon and starts on it with a glow in dark pen/marker if you want to portrait night time.
  • Use aluminium foil, shiny papers, colours, paint and markers to decorate your plane.

Stick this background on the wall with the help of tape. Now, your aeroplane with nice and simple background is ready and you can explore and play with it. Enjoy playing with your little one and invite their friends to come along with their cardboard toy or they can come and make it together by sharing their ideas with one another.

Pretend Play is the highest form of creativity for kids and creativity is exploring intelligence along with fun.


Cardboard cars are even easier to make. Give a cardboard, markers, glue, paper and scissors and let your kids use their mind and make their car. Below are two easy examples of cardboard cars which you can make even just putting a single glance on it. These cars are so simple to make. For traffic signal, take a cereal or shoe box, then stick kitchen towel rolls one by one on it until it becomes a big tower. Then on the top, stick a rectangular card board. On This rectangular cardboard, stick green, yellow and red coloured papers after cutting into little circles. You need 5-6 kitchen paper tower tubes for that….Another simplest cardboard car, made by using just one cardboard and a black marker. A cardboard cut into a circle or a plastic plate can be used as steering…:)

Now, your car and traffic signals are ready to play with. This is a perfect combo to play driver and cop or you can even play the rhyme “wheels on the car” instead of “wheels on the bus”. Or you can make bus by using a bigger cardboard exactly the same way as car. Then Play Wheels on the bus along with your child or let him/her play with friends by mimicking different characters like bus driver, conductor, mummy, daddy and baby or other characters of their choice. You can create a miniature cardboard road and traffic signals, traffic signs and directions like this….

Video demo. of cardboard car making:

So, wonderful parents, I hope you will try and enjoy these creative indoor crafts along with your child. Please do share your ideas as well. It is always a great pleasure reading your views and ideas about fun activities to do with kids using cardboard and papers and other simple things and also about the fun and joy your kids had while doing these activities.


  1. Hey this is good to know, especially with the Christmas holidays coming up. I’m set to be with my nephews and they’re great but can be a handful. I’ve often found that the best activities are the ones that require kids to use their own imagination so the cars and traffic lights ideas make sense. Maybe I can give them a box as a present!

    • Thank you Oliver for your views on this article. It is always a great idea to work and play with recycled things like cardboards. In these activities kids have a lot of room to explore their imagination and creativity especially during winter holidays, these activities are great to have a good and enjoyable time at home.

  2. This article is right up my alley. My children love making cardboard cars and we love playing in them together. It was something I loved to do as a child so making them with my children is very nostalgic. These ideas are much more creative than anything I have made, my children would have loved those planes.

    • Thank you Melissa for your comments, I am glad that u like this article. Actually kids always love those activities in which they have a huge room to creat and explore different things according to their imaginations like cardboard activities and pretend play. So, cardboard fun is one of the most favourite activity for kids😊.

      • Yes, cardboard is a very fun way to let their imagination go. My dad would have loved to make these for me when I was a child, too bad your site wasn’t around then, hehe.

        • Hi Melissa, thank you so so much for your appreciation. Making and playing with cardboard toys is such a fun, that all kids enjoy. The main reason for the enjoyments is that they can make it the way they want and can color and decorate in their own way.

  3. I love all these suggestions and I love that they’re real-world not screen things you can have the kids play with. Amazing what you can do with cardboard and a little creativity.

    • Thank you Penelope for your views on this article. Your are right, it is very important for our kids to do the activities related to real-world experiences. Doing these activities using recyclable products like cardboard is a great way for our kids to learn and enjoy.

  4. Brillant ideas! My children would love this. I know what we’ll be doing over the holidays! Pretend and creative play is so great for children. Fosters good imagination and encourages ideas and problem-solving. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Lace for sharing your point of view about this article. I am glad that you like the ideas and I agree with you, any activity that nurtures our child’s imagination and creativity is “a must” and doing it in a fun way using cardboards is one of the best idea that every child will enjoy for sure😊.

  5. It is good sometimes to interest children with creative toys. When I was small, I made such carton vehicles.
    I will make my younger brother have a great time. Thanks.

    • Thank you Michael for your comments. You are absolutely right, it is far better to encourage kids to play with toys that nurture their creativity rather than expensive toys that offer more noice and music and less learning. Cardboard activities is one of the best activities in which kids use their own imagination and creativity to make a toy they want. Isnt it great😊

    • True Luke, once the cardboard cars are ready, kids would love to have a race and play along with other friends. Cardboard toys are always a great option for kids to create by themselves and play ….

  6. These are some awesome creative ideas for kids. Children have wonderful imaginative and creative minds, and it is always very important to help the children meet their curiosity needs as you rightly put it. This is a very delicate stage in the lives of children, where you can either make or mar the ability of a child.

    You have provided some really great ideas on how to go about making children creative. I found this post very helpful. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    • Thank you Stunning Bell for your appreciation. Play in which our kids make and creat their own toys by using their own imagination is always one of the best activity to boost their confidence and intelligence. Doing these activities with cardboard is very economical as well as educational as far as our kid’s learning is concerned…

  7. This is so creative. I would have never thought there is something like that. This is going to be a fun activity for kids for sure. I could totally make this for my nephew. I am sure he is going to love it. I thought the videos are very helpful. Very cool. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thank you Hong for your comments and I am glad you like my ideas.I am sure you will make a good craft for your nephew and he will like it, or you both can do it together watching video given in the article. I am sure your will have fun making these crafts. Please let me know and send me picture when you make your cardboard craft. I will be waiting for your reply…

  8. Wow, what a great platform to know kids activities. I apply those activities on my nieces and nephews and they loved it. The most important thing is that I don’t need to put too much efforts to make a plan for different activities for them with my busy working schedule. Also this website is very creative and innovative style. It’s very user friendly and I am loving it. Keep sharing your fantastic work with us…

    • Your comments made me glad kim, thank you for sharing your views. I am feeling happy that you used our simple and creative cardboard ideas and enjoyed these activities with your nieces and nephews. The aim of is to provide the simplest and creative activities which not only save your time but also provide parents and children, a source of fun and joy. I will keep sharing creative and simple kids activities.

    • Thank you for appreciating this article. It is especially written for all those kids who love to do new things and always want to explore their creativity.

  9. These are so awesome! What clever ideas for kids. I could see doing this as a craft at a birthday party too with some of these ideas. In fact, I volunteer for community fairs and one of the most popular tents is the craft tent for kids where they color a huge cardboard doll house. I could see having kids actually build one and color it with one of these examples. Great ideas!

    • Hi Linda, thank you so so much for your appreciation. These easy crafts are so easy for kids to make. I am sure kids will love all these craft activities if you do these in the birthday party. Kids always love and enjoy making new things every time and these diy crafts encourage them to do so…

  10. Hi Sarah, this article made me smile as it brings back so many childhood memories :). Im really suprised there are so many fun things to make out of a cardboard box. Brilliant! And isnt it always bizarre how often kids prefer to play with the boxes rather than the expensive toys that are inside. I noticed this with my two nephews over Christmas ha ha

    • Hi Stefanie, I am glad to hear from you again and I appreciate that you like these craft ideas and this work of mine brings smile on your face. What else could anyone expect after doing some hard work. If my works makes you happy, then this is the best reward for me…:)
      Thank you once again.

  11. Ah, cardboard boxes are more popular than toys in my house, my children’s imagination just runs wild if there is a big box in the room. They usually just use it as a den but after reading this you have given me some great ideas that could really get them thinking more about just playing in the cardboard box.
    Thanks for the great ideas about turning just a simple cardboard box into so much more.

    • Hi Mathew, thank you so much for liking me ideas. Cardboard toys should be encouraged in every household with kids. Such toys, not only boost out kid’s creativity but also recycled, which is the best thing.

  12. Hey, this is perfect! My little girl always pretends she is in a car and travels somewhere (last time she went to china:D) and now I know how we can make her a beautiful car. I’m really glad I’ve found your page:)

    • Hi Marek, cardboard cards are so so loved by almost all kiddies. Kids also have more fun when they make their own car the way they want.

  13. What a great idea. I love it and your article is so fun to look at with all of the cool pics and vids. My kids are abit older but this is something I am going to share.

    • Hi Rick, Thank you so much for sharing your comments on this creative and amazing craft ideas. These crafts are so so simple and magical for our kids to do and enjoy.

  14. It is true that kids get tired of their toys quickly, If they create their own toys out of cardboard box than that is better. They use their own creativity, which they prefer to do and they will be much better off buying an expensive toy. The best thing is it doesn’t cost much to buy some cardboard boxes.

    • Hi Tabish, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article with us. Cardboard aeroplanes are so so fun for our kids. Kids always love making and creating things and cardboard is an amazing material to use for this purpose.

  15. LOL. These are so cute. My children are creators. They would have loved this back then. Sadly, I was spending too much money to fund their creativity. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Lane, thank you so much for your appreciation. Most of the kids are creators and they love creating and experiencing different things. It is far far better to make cardboard toy and play with them rather than expensive noisy toys.

  16. Great post! Yes the cardboard box is an all time favourite! Thanks for sharing tips and videos about how to design cool stuff like the box-mobile! I’ll use the tips to make something out of the next box amazon sends us.

    • Hi Diosa, thank you so much for your comments. I am glad that you like these craft ideas, please do share with us your ideas as well.

  17. A cardboard box is so easy to come by and boy, the kids can have fun. I love the airplane, but the car does look simpler to make. The videos are tips are awesome! We do get a lot of boxes here thru the mail, so plenty to start playing with!

    • Hi Matt, these activities are perfect for boosting our kid’s creativity and not at all expensive, far better than nosy plastic toys.

  18. Hey – thanks for sharing such great, creative ideas! I also love the images, very fun and inspiring! I don’t have kids myself, but I will definitely share with my friends who have kids, they will like this for sure! Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Sanna, thank you for liking and appreciation my post. Cardboard craft is one of the most favorite activity for kids. This is the best way to learn, play and enjoy.

  19. My kids love to steal my boxes and use them for all different kinds of activities. This is a really cute video to make an airplane! I will definitely bookmark this page and come back to it as the cool weather really sets in. Thank you for all of these cute ideas!

    • Thank you so much Andrea for your appreciation. Kids always love making things by themselves and cardboard boxes are the best option for them. My kids also love playing and making things using boxes. I find far better option for their learning also.

  20. wow! this is a really good website! I’m so glad I found it. My daughter is 6 and she is really interested in arts & craft.

    It’s a great way to help grow her imagination and teach her how to make stuff with old cardboards.



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