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lethargic is a very vast term, we cannot define lethargic in just couple of lines. Mostly it happens to all of us when we feel lethargic and weak, it’s a feeling of having no energy in the body and when you don’t feel like doing any activity and just want to have rest and sleep.

Especially, this feeling appears when you feel sick of being busy all the time in household chores or long hour jobs, your body needs time to relax and get better. In fact, it is a very common symptom of depression which makes you feel sluggish, lazy, tired and stops doing daily activities. Last but not the least, you do not take interest in outdoor activities and prefer to remain alone at home and take a plenty of sleep.

There could be many reasons behind lethargic feeling but its better you consult to your doctor first if you have this symptom for a longer period of time. Second have a look at your daily diet, do your body consuming a right amount of nutrients? You need to have a healthy diet regularly on time. Check your blood pressure because it could be your low and high blood pressure as well. Furthermore, it can be your hormonal imbalances which totally depend on the age and life style. It can also be any stress which keeps you to awake all the time and you can’t take an adequate sleep. Well, these are the common reasons to feel this symptom but it could be more and different. To avoid and cure these symptoms you need to follow these guidelines.


  • To avoid being lethargic you need proper exercise on regular basis, go gym or join aerobic, yoga or swimming classes. It will help you to boost your energy level and you will feel good.
  • Drink a lot of water, as dehydration also makes you feel tired, it makes your body lazy and less efficiently.
  • Don’t skip your regular meal especially breakfast, it gives your body the level of energy to work throughout the day.
  • Take a good sleep for at least 8 hours as for prople of every age group, good sleep is vey important.
  • Wake-up early and take a relaxing warm bath.
  • Limit the time of watching TV, mobiles and electronic devices, as prolonged use of these devices leads to loneliness and depression.
  • Take out a good time for yourself and plan to hanging out with friends or have a lovely get-to-gather with friends, as hectic routine can also make you feel tired.
  • Go for yoga as it is a very helpful mind and body relaxing practice which calms you physically and mentally in a very distinct manner.
  • Take a good Spa/massage to get rid of this lethargic feeling.

Well, apart from these guidelines you can also use some useful healthy juices and tea to cope up this lethargic feeling. Like take a glass of lemon/orange juice as it is highly rich in vitamin c and also help you develop a good immunity and helps your to cope with lethargy, grape fruit juice provide high level of energy to keep you healthy and active where as coconut water provides you immense energy and hydration. Chamomile tea is very good for calming tired mind and body and on the other hand tea like basil leaf tea contains very essential ingredients which give you energy to fight against tiredness and fatigue.

Remember that your health and fitness totally depends on your life style.

Being a mother of 2 kids, I can understand how difficult it is, for the mummies to take out time from hectic routine, as the responsibilities and commitments need to be fulfilled on time. But again your health matters a lot, for bringing-up a healthy and happy family, it is necessary for you to remain healthy and happy. So, think about yourself and relax. Kids can be happy and healthy even if your house is not perfectly clean and tidy, but they cannot be happy if their Mum in tired and lethargic. so, for your own and your family’s well-being, it is a must for you to be active, happy and healthy.







  1. Great article, thanks for sharing. It’s just a timely reminder about how important diet and exercise are on our energy levels – oh and also making sure we’re drinking enough water! I agree with you when you say the housework can wait :)… after all, if Mum’s happy, then everyone is happy! Cheers, Karen http://kdforsman.com

    • Thanks Karen for agreeing. It is also true that defining lethargic symptoms could be very subjective and depends upon circumstances around you. However being a mum self care is important and should be top most priority.

  2. Sarah i completely agree with everything this article states. I found after having my son i became extremely lethargic, it was a mix of lack of sleep and not eating correctly, basically i wasn’t looking after myself the way i should have, which is common for so many mothers.
    I would find myself finding it hard to get out of bed or leave the house, it is so easy to fall into this pattern but again the tips you outlined for overcoming lethargy are absolutely spot on, getting out of the house, exercise, socialising and taking time for yourself are all amazing ways to overcome this!
    Every mum to bee needs to read this amazing article!

    • Thanks for the comments Colleen! indeed so many mothers go through the same phase after having baby, specially first time mothers. I also faced the same problems after my first baby then i realized i have became so lazy and unhealthy. Mother health is very important and necessary otherwise she won’t be able to look after her baby and family. The tips mentioned in this article are quite simple and every woman while mother or single can easily follow to have happy and healthy life.

  3. Great article. I admit that I feel lethargic a lot. I still have 4 children at home. But I know that I don’t take the best care of me and I realize this is important. 2018 I plan to start doing better.

    • Hi Michelle, all mums do feel lethargic on everyday basis because they do work a lot and because of this hard work they ignore their own health and well being. This is the main purpose for writing these articles to keep all super mums motivated so that they can also give sometime to themselves.

  4. One thing I’ve found to be true, time and again, is just how much exercise combats lethargy. LIke many people, I joined a gym in January and have been using it regularly. The amount of energy I have now, vs. anytime last fall, is astonishing. I also feel so much more muscle tone building in my body. I’m hoping I can keep this up and if I decide to slack, I need to immediately remind myself that it’s no fun being lethargic and stuck instead!

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so so much for sharing your views on this important issue, You are absolutely right, exercise and physical activities combats lethargy, it’s not only rest but we need to live a healthy life in order to minimize the effects of lethargy.

  5. This article has reminded me how important it is to take a break from it all. I feel lethargic sometimes and will definitely take some time to recharge my batteries. Some self care is in order I think 🙂

    • Hi Lace, thank you so much for your comments. I agree with you, taking some time off, just for our own self is really very important for us to recharge our self with a lot more energy and positivity to do our duties and work.

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Great post! Isn’t it funny that when we get sick or down the same lifestyle changes help us? healthy food, juicing, a bit of fasting, good sleep, exercise, sunshine, fresh air and good relationships. If only we could all stick to the good stuff we would be ok.

    About 10 years ago I was lethargic and a bit depressed and a simple change of cutting out dairy and meat had me feeling great. I love your posts as you tackle real time issues and offer excellent solutions. Keep inspiring us 🙂


    • Hi Kevin, thank you so so much for your comments and appreciation. I am glad that you find this article helpful. Thank you so much:)


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