These solid bright crayons come in an assortment of beautiful and bright colors and are highly rated by parents and carers and loved by all the kids!!!


  • EASY–TO-GRIP size fits our little one’s hands very easily, allowing them to enjoy creating their own mini artistic creations.
  • NON-TOXIC (so when overly inquisitive toddlers/kids chew/ingest any part of the crayon, there is no harm or nasty side effects).
  • HARD TO BREAK due to their chunky size which will deter the temptation to snap them in half as happens with thinner crayons.
  • ULTRA CLEAN & EASILY WASHABLE from the skin, wall or any surface just by warm water and sponge or cloth.
  • GOOD QUALITY crayons give our little artists a smooth and comfortable lay down whole drawing and coloring.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: Not suitable for kids under 3 years.


  • 4.5 stars rating by 100s of customers on Amazon with lots of positive feedback.
  • Gives our child unlimited joy while writing, drawing coloring and any other craft activity.
  • Non-Toxic and Easily washable nature of these crayons gives busy parents peace of mind.

PRICE: UK BUYERS: £ 4.68 (Pack of 8)

USA BUYERS: $ 5.58 (2 Packs of 8 crayons)


This pack contains a huge set of high-quality twistable coloring pencils with unique, beautiful and vibrant colors. It is a superb product for our creative kids to express, draw and color their imaginations. Let’s see what this amazing pack of twistable pencils offer us…:)


  • STRONG LEADS which don’t snap under pressure and create deep and bold colors.
  • PLASTIC BARREL on the lead protects it from breaking.
  • NO SHARPENERS needed because our little artist can always have new sharp lead out just by twisting the plastic barrel.
  • NON-TOXIC like most of the Crayola product.

AGE RECOMMENDATION: This product is safe to use for kids aged 4 years and up.


  • Non-Toxic
  • 4-star Amazon customer reviews on Amazon and loved by all the kids.
  • Amazon’s Choice- this makes them one of the perfect product our creative kids should have.
  • A perfect gift with happiness and creativity guaranteed.

PRICE: UK BUYERS: £ 12.95 (pack of 30 vibrant twistable pencils)

USA BUYERS: $12.99 (pack of 50 vibrant twistable pencils)


Our babies and toddler are always busy observing whatever happens around them and everything in their surrounding world. At this growing age, it is very important for us to provide them with the right tools which promote their senses and power of expressing their observations and thought. Best too for this is Crayola Washable Finger Paint Kit.


  • SQUEEZE BOTTLES prevent the paint wastage.
  • NON-TOXIC and safe for our tiny toddlers and older kids.
  • WASHABLE even by a sponge with warm water. This gives busy parents a peace of mind to let their tiny artists enjoy their Creative and Mess-Free Play for as long as they want.


6 Colors in 3-ounce bottles. Colors are Green, Orange, Violet, Blue, Yellow, and Red



  1. Non-Toxic and easily washable
  2. Perfect for toddlers who want to play with colors but still can’t able to hold crayons or markers.
  3. Improves tactile sensation, hand-eye coordination and improves confidence.
  4. Teach our child about different colors and color mixing.
  5. Boosts Fine motor skills and promote creative thinking skills.
  6. 4 stars buyer’s feedback and a lot of highly satisfied reviews by more than 200 to 300 buyers.
  7. Amazon’s Choice


USA BUYERS: $ 53.00 (Comes with 10 sheets of 13 inch by 19 inch glossy papers).

Thank you so very much lovely parents for reading these 3 reviews. I have covered No-Mess Colors for all age group i.e., from 12 month up til 5 years and older kids. I am sure, here you will find a perfect craft product for your little one to lighten up their  beautiful world of imagination in the form of art and colors.


  1. Thanks so much for your post, I didn’t realise crayola did a finger paint and I have had trouble with other brands and them not being washable and staining everything! Excited to give them a go with my kids 🙂 Also loving that they come in squeezable bottles. Great source of info, will be returning to see what else you have in store. My kids are both budding artists 🙂

  2. Awesome post! I have 3 young kids, and we’re all big fans of Crayola!! great quality products, so always confident that I’m buying something that helps create wonderful little-people’s art work 🙂

    Have a super day!


  3. I love crayola crayons and we have a huge bag here in our house for whatever creative things we are doing. But the twistable coloring pencils – we don’t have! Now I need to get some. I like that they do not need to be sharpened, that they just twist up when you need more color. What a great idea! I love them. Thanks for the great review Sarah.

  4. Not just for kids! I have my own set of Twistables that I have to hide from the kids. Just because. To those of you who may be reading this comment, I recommend having one or two packages of the Twistables and a couple of sketch pads on hand for last minute gifts. They are suitable for someone staying in a hospital, appeal to “children” of all ages, don’t take up much storage space and are easy to wrap. An elderly person with arthritis might appreciate the bigger crayons and toddler-style coloring book. Coloring is a relaxing activity for some of us older folks.

    • Hi Theresa, I really thank you for your appreciation and recommendation, me as a parent recommend these twistables too and like you I have my own pack of these crayons which I hide from my kids:). These are superb for highlighting too, thats what I use these for:)

  5. I need those washable Crayolas! My son loves writing on the walls with regular crayons. And I just have such a hard time scrubbing it off. And when I do get most of it off, the color just stains the wall. Or maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

    Nevertheless, awesome post! Love the beautiful, vibrant colors!

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Art is one way of learning. It is important for our children to develop their artists and cognitive skills. It is good to know that Crayola has crayons, pencils and paints that are non-toxic. As a parent, this is very important to me. I really do not want my children to use to be exposed to something toxic because it can deteriorate their brain develop. The other features of the product such as easy grip for the crayons; not needing sharpeners for the pencils; and easy to wash paints are also a plus factor.

    Thanks for sharing this article.


    • Hi Joyce, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. No sharpeners and easy to clean, these two features are truly a plus point, I agree:)

  7. I love that you have included artist supplies for the little ones – it is so important to encourage creativity and let the kids experiment with colours and textures – nice work !

  8. Great post.

    My Godson is nuts about Crayola, as was I when I was a kid.

    I will definitely be passing on this post and information to his Mum and Dad as I think it will be very valuable to them.

    Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work.


    • Thanks for liking the post. Kids love coloring and they are more crazy about using crayons. Crayons are the finest and easiest tool for kids to do coloring. I am sure he will love these crayons.

  9. There are so many great things available for kids these days it blows my mind! Colouring with crayons is probably the first way a child expresses themselves through their own drawings.
    I especially love the ones that actually sharpen themselves as blunt crayons are not great for precise drawing which was the reason I always preferred pencils o felt tips as a kid. I wish we had had these back then!


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