Beautiful and Twistable Crayola Crayons comes in assorted and vibrant colours. Unlike other crayons on the market, they come in a different style which can be twisted very easily during colouring and art activities by our little ones. They are suitable from age 3 and above.​


  • TWISTABLE means when they wear down, simply twist the barrel and the crayon will appear as new! No need to sharpen!​
  • THINNER NIB which creates beautiful lines and looks and feels like a felt pen which help our little kids to write, draw or color anything they want. Sceneries and landscapes and other drawing are best drawn by these crayons because of their well protected, twistable thinner nib.
  • DURABLE due to the clear plastic casing which protects against breakage.​

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Crayola is a very trusted brands for creating safe craft supplies for kids since 1903. Because of this trust and the best quality of this product, so many buyers give it 4.5 star rating and are really happy with it as we can see in the customer’s feedback at Amazon.






  1. Crayola has really changed since I was a child hasn’t it. I love this brand, I believe its one of those things that has always been part of our life since childhood. My children used these a lot. Twistable tops are really innovative and I like the thinner tips also. A very informative article indeed, I will keep this in mind as a gift when I see my niece. Thank you.

    • Hello Ilaisaane, You are absolutely right, Crayola is a very trusted brand and we all have our childhood memories using crayola colored pencils and crayons and other craft supplies. I am sure you niece will love it as a present too. Thank you for your time and feedback.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Where were these crayons when I was a kid!!!! I was constantly breaking my crayolas and as a result each one was in 2 or 3 pieces in my pencil case. I love that these are twistable and don’t break. I’ll definately be buying some for my 8 year old. (And I’m looking forward to trying out the thin nib myself!)
    Can’t wait!

    • Hi Jane these twistable crayons are so easy to use, we just twist it when the nib is finished and well protected within a plastic cover that helps the crayons to twist and avoid m breaking as compared to other simple crayons which tends to break a lot more. I am sure you will find it a superb product and will love it as all many other parents and kids do.

  3. Ahh Crayolas were my jam when I was a kid! Wish they had these back then, they look so cool! Definitely great gift idea for my young nephews – thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Will, Crayola is everyone’s childhood favorite, now Crayola came with this new twistable crayons and believe me these crayons are superb as my both kids use then everyday. Thank you so much for your feedback.

  4. Twistable Crayola Crayons, with a thin nib to create beautiful lines, durable with a plastic case, This would be the best crayon every parent, as well as their child, could inspire have.
    I would recommend this to my friends with little kids, I’m sure they would love this.

    Thank you very much for this information.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Lyn, these twistable Crayons are so amazing, both my kids have them and always ask for more and more because they love drawing and coloring and these crayons are their favorite.

  5. I think my 2 year could use these crayons without breaking them. He just breaks the regular Crayolas like no tomorrow. With the twistables, they wouldn’t break so easily.

    Thanks for sharing this. Your site looks great by the way. Love the bright colors!


    • Hi Britney, you are right, these twistable crayons dont break very easily because of the durable plastic covering. This makes them less likely to break as compared to normal crayons. My kids love these crayons as well. Thank you for your feedback.


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