As parents, we all want our kids to do well in academic years and life afterwards. We all want our kids to be a successful and intelligent person, but for that we have to start a playful learning with fun and we have to acknowledge their needs and capabilities from a very early age, as early age is the most crucial time for learning and experiencing new things. When it comes to learn mathematics, many kids don’t show much interest, but some kids love to learn this subject. If your child is not showing any interest in maths, then what should be the way to cool and interesting math learning? Well, this article is about cool math for kids, and one of the best tool to make this subject cool is to introduce Abacus to our kids.

Abacus is one of the most productive way of teaching maths to our kids. It gives our little one the opportunity to learn maths language and all about counting, adding and subtracting and a lot more from a very early age and sets a solid foundation for our kids to do best in academic years and life afterwards. In this modern era, where we can get every answer just by a finger’s click on our tablets, we are lacking the tools and activities that help us boost our intelligence and thinking process, Abacus is one of the best tools to do brain storming and thinking and it has following benefits for our kids to do best in their life….

  • Improve the development of Right side of brain: Abacus helps improve development of Right side of our child’s brain that is responsible for creative, interactive, social and visual skills.
  • Improves concentration and memory: Basic counting, addition and subtraction can be done using abacus just by moving some beads. This gives our child a visual image about numbers and counting. This will help our little one in improving his/her photographic memory as well.
  • Observation and thinking skills: Abacus boost our child’s observation and thinking skills, as he/she is brain storming a lot and thinking about the mathematical calculation and counting he/she is doing on Abacus. They lack this brain storming process while using a calculator and any app on tablets.
  • Increase concentration and listening skills: As abacus needs a lot of thinking, concentration and visualisation and some help from parents and teachers while doing it, it will boost thinking power, concentration and listening skills in your child.
  • Boost self-confidence: As solving math sum’s using abacus needs thinking and intelligence, it boosts self-confidence in our child and the sense of achievement because they solve problems using their intelligence and Abacus not calculators and apps.
  • Speed & Accuracy: Solving sums and counting on abacus stimulates thinking process and memory, which leads to a speedy and quick response in solving problems.
  • Improves IQ level: From all above benefits, we came to know that it improves thinking process, intelligence and memory, this also leads to a good IQ. Kids with good IQ always do best in their lives academically and in practical life.
  • Beneficial for Toddlers as well as older kids:Abacus is beneficial for toddlers who started to learn basic one and two and three couting to older kids who want to learn basic additions and subtractions and other basic math sums. My daughter infact learn many colours from abacus’s coloured beads as well…
  • Help building a bond between you and your child: Electronic tablets, where every answers are available just on a click, kids usually sit alone and keep themselves busy and isolated while playing games and learning different things on tablets.Abacus needs brain storming and kids do find it difficult at time, eventually come to you to get help or you and your child both sit together and do some interesting math problem solving activities and then appreciate your child’s efforts if they solve their required math task or even if they could’nt, just appreciate their effort and help them. This is also a good way of spending time together and building a good loving bond.
  • Improves reading and writing skills and problem-solving abilities.
  • Help our child in learning logical reasonings.
  • Abacus also boosts endurance for stress and pressure with patience.

So, this simple tool makes the learning of cool math for kids, much easier and interesting. We should limit the use of electronic devices for our kids and introduce them to these learning tools that need some brain storming and thinking in order to boost their intelligence. Abacus is one of the best tools for teaching and setting a solid foundation of basic math skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.


  1. Wow this is such an interesting post and it makes so much sense! My son is two and he absolutely loves watching cartoons on YouTube and although they are very educational videos (barney, the muppets) I do find that sitting down with him and reading a book will have him fully engaged and allow him to learn things a lot better. I also think he prefers to do things with me rather than be left on his own to watch videos.
    I always remember the abacus from school, It was always super colourful and I have to agree that it did make maths easier for me.
    Maths was never my strong point at school but I hope to encourage my son with maths and I completely agree that an abacus is an amazing way to do that!

  2. Thank you Colleen for your comments. this is very true that kids love doing activities in which parents are also involved and that is what we all should do with our kids. as far as cool math for kids is concerned, Abacus is a very useful tool, even in this modern era…

  3. Love this site. I wish I would have access to information like this when my kids were young. Building knowledge with our children is so important and unfortunately I do not feel that our education system is doing an adequate job. The earlier you start the better.

    • Hi Patricia, thank you so much for sharing your views and for your appreciation. You are right, all educational systems have to do some more adequate job and encourage our kids for using using abacus and other learning toys more than electronic devices.

  4. I had one of these when I was little. That was 43-44 years ago. At any rate, as we can see they are still effective. I look back fondly on teaching my children their abc’s and 123’s. Abacus is still used in many daycares, play areas, etc.

    • Hi Lane, thank you so much for your comments, you are absolutely right, abacus is quite old device for learning maths but it should be used now a days. It’s benefits of brain development are so amazing.

  5. Hi Sarah, I really love this. I can’t believe how many wonderful things the abacus is good for. It is a cheap and effective tool for kids to learn maths, and there is something just so wholesome about it. And I agree that kids spend way to much time on computer screens which doesn’t develop their communication skills for adulthood.
    My two nephews both learned to count on an abacus, and they aren’t allowed to much screen time either which has made them much more social. So its definitely the best way to go.

    • Hi Stefanie, Abacus is no doubt a cheap but really effective learning tool. It should be encouraged more and more rather than letting kids use calculators.

  6. Hi,

    It is amazing what we have at our disposal nowadays to help develop the next generation’s IQ and successes in the future.

    I wish I had this when I was a kid as I struggled awful with maths – just had no interest.

    I was more language orientated and did very well in all subjects when it came to anything else, other than, maths.

    I would highly recommend this article to help all children who may, just like me when I was small, not be taking too well to maths. I am sure this application will help open their eyes and grab their interest in no more as a fun learning aid.

    Thank you kindly for this illuminating article and I am looking forward to more.



    • Hi Philip, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. Many kids do struggle with maths and abacus does help a lot. I am really glad that you find it helpful.

  7. Isn’t an abacus an ancient calculator? I have never seen this as a toy for children, but I guess it makes a ton of sense! Thanks for the insightful article; we live in a world where mathematical intelligence is extremely important.

    • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article. Abacus is really ancients and also used by many people now a days though taken over by calculators and technology now a days. Many stores still do sell them and even my 4 year old daughter have an Abacus and she loves counting on it.

  8. What a lovely article, colourful and engaging. I love that there are so many things you can do with an abacus and when my children were first learning I remember the joy of having these hands on educational toys/tools were a great way to have fun, learn and have great bonding times with them. You really brought this out in this article.

  9. This was extremely powerful. I think this hit it right on the head. Talk about development at an early stage. I think thats the best time to have kids learn anything, and math is an excellent start. Well done.

  10. You know this is one learning “toy” that I never did get for my kids. I was always a math wiz and it came easily to me. But, I don’t even know how to use an abacus. Strange I know. But now that I have a grand baby on the way, this is certainly something worth getting. How old do you think they need to be before then can work one and understand and learn from it?

  11. Hi Sarah, The Abacus: What a walk down memory lane your article is. I agree it stimulates our children’s brains, enables a good comprehension of maths, creates further bonding with parent/child and our children carry this skill through life. I do believe calculators have a place in our lives, however the ability to work things out with our brains is moving to a better consciousness and this adds value to our futures. I love the Abacus and suggest your readers will be grateful for this information. Thank you for making people aware. Cheers jill

  12. Great article, I found this so fascinating! I love how something so simple encourages so much development. It was interesting about brainstorming and confidence and how technology robs kids of those skills. I agree, it’s beneficial for learning and bonding. Thanks for another great read, I look forward to exploring more articles 🙂


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