Hello kiddies, how are you all? I know you all have thoroughly enjoyed Cut, Glue & Paste Craft and Earth day Coloring Pages a lot. So, here I am sharing some amazing coloring sheets for kids along with dots joining activity. All you need to do is to take some print outs and grab some colors to have a great learning fun.

Benefits of these activity pages:

  1. Improves fine motor skills.
  2. Improved pen gripping ability and writing skills.
  3. Improves hand and eye contact.
  4. Improves the basic concept of colors and numbers.
  5. Improves Intelligence (as these activities have little puzzles) and ability to concentrate & focus.
  6. Keep kids busy and away from Screens & Gadgets.

So, do take print outs and enjoy your coloring activities and yes, please don’t forget to leave us your comments and to share these printable with your friends and class fellows. Enjoy and stay happy…:)


  1. This is great!
    I’m always looking for different printables and these are not in my repertoire yet. My son really loves the labyrinth ones, and i totally agree, they have great benefits for their skills, they tend to focus more so they can solve the puzzles and if introduced as something fun they won’t see it as a hassle.

    I will go print them now, thank you!

  2. These are great coloring pages. I remember I used to love doing these as a child and they kept me busy for hours on end. Like you said they are a great way to keep the kids away from being on their devices so much. These are great to give preschoolers a head start too. Thanks for the pages!

  3. I have to say the butterfly one is my favorite. I remember when I was little that we drew a lot of things on butterfly pictures. That is so funny to see this post, years later. Talk about a coincidence. This was a really fun read. Thanks for sharing.


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