Is my child lacking some social skills or is my child don’t have enough confidence or he/she can’t express his/her feelings??? If we have a quiet child, these questions do arise in our mind as we all want our children to do their best in life and we always want to provide them all opportunities to boost their capabilities and skills. Well, smart parenting is all about learning and practicing skills that we need, in order to give our children the best they deserve. In this article, I have summed up best parenting tips and I hope, all these tips will remain beneficial for yourself and your child….

  • BE SOCIALISE YOURSELF: We might feel that spending some time with our child at home, talking, playing and doing some activities with him/her is the best thing we could do. Well, that is so true. But, there must be a balance in everything. Apart from spending time at home, it is also very very crucial to socialise with your friends, and take your children along with you, so that, they can get a chance to meet and greet other people along with playing with kids of their age group. Kids do need to experience meeting with other people, playing with other children, talking to them and sharing toys with them. These socialising activities are a whole learning process for a child and plays a great role in boosting a child’s social skills as well as confidence.

TIP: You don’t need to make huge meals or order expensive foods for a meet-up. What I do with my friends is that, we all bring one food item like sandwiches, cookies, salad and other things per head and then we sit and enjoy along with tea or drinks. Play some rhyme or songs for kids to enjoy and dance together. If every child brings their own toy along with them and play and we bring one food item and share everything together, this will teach our little ones how to share and the importance of sharing and playing together.


    While talking to them, make an eye contact with them and then talk so that they concentrate on what you are saying and get confidence as well. When they walk to someone by making an eye contact, our kids get a huge boost of confidence and it vanishes away the fear to talk with other people and strangers.

  • PLAY PROBLEM SOLVING GAMES WITH YOUR CHILD: Play problem solving games with your child, like, jigsaw puzzles, staking toys, numbers and phonics puzzles. This will initiate the sense to talk in your child. While solving puzzles, they will consult you while solving the puzzles to help. While helping your child, ask a lot of questions or initiate a productive conversation regarding the puzzle, problem solving, asking for help and explaining how to solve a problem. Do appreciate your child and share these little successes and appreciations in front of your friends, so that, your child’s confidence boosts and they will get applause from others as well. Any activity or game that initiates the use of vocabulary and words are the best for quiet and shy kids.
  • ADDRESS YOUR CHILD’S ANXIETIES: A quiet child might be having some anxieties about not being able to play with other kids, about how to talk to others, not being able to cope with the struggles and other activities at school, not being able to take part in activities as other kids do and at the same time such kids do want to participate and get appreciation but struggles to get enough courage to do so. It’s here, where we as parents play a good role by talking to them and reassure them that everything will be alright, everyone is different and there is nothing bad in being shy and we can work on it and you as parents are always with them in every joy and in every difficulty. This reassurance, love and confidence of parents are the best boosters of confidence and courage in a child.
  • Tip: Play games with them to create any worrisome scenario during the play ask you child for help by saying please and thank you in the end. Then applause them a lot after they sort out the pretend scenario you gave them. This will boost their confidence and gives them positivity and courage to participate in different activities along with other friends and class fellows.
  1. Go out for walk and to park with them and just be a kid and take swings with them and play together. Pretend that you fell down and ask your child to help you and start a productive conversational play with a lot of fun.
  2. Be their parents and provide them everything they need in the best possible way you could but at the same time also be their friends with whom they feel safe and comfortable to discuss their worries. Be a safe place for your child, correct them if they did any mistake and at the same time appreciate them for what they learn from their mistakes and if they do something good.
  3. Create some scenarios and stories about a child in a trouble or in anxiety and ask your child about how could we help that child in the story. Listen carefully to his/her point of view and appreciate and encourage them and tell them that how good and intelligent they are….:).
  4. And the most important tip is, please avoid discussing their anxieties and quiet nature with other people in front of them. Of course, we do discuss our worries with friends to get some advice and ideas but please don’t discuss these in front of your child. Children do understand what we have been discussing and about whom. It gives them a feeling that they are wrong, and they are not coping with others very well. Instead of gaining social skills, this might work as a killer to their positivity and confidence.
  5. Do not compare your child with others. every child is different and will learn things according to their own pace and nature. Only thing that we should consider is to make sure that they are confident and happy in whatever way they love to be….:). All children are very different and cannot behave in the same manner. 
  6. Take their advises and let them decide different things like what to cook today, what to buy for groceries, when to do for a picnic and whom to invite for a meet up. These little things also boost your child’s confidence and speaking power. While talking with your friends, start any conversation that is related to your child and slowly involve your child in the conversation, it doesn’t matter if he/she say even a couple of words, or nothing at all being a shy kid, but by doing so, slowly your child will pick up confidence and social skills. 
  • PRETEND PLAY: Pretend play is another good way of boosting child’s confidence as it involves a lot of talking and playing in group or with other child or sibling. Pretend play is a good way to initiate conversations and group talks while playing.
  1. Student- Teacher game: Play student-teacher game with your little one and give him/her the role of teacher and become his/her student. Ask the questions to your pretend teacher related to the worries they have got in a childish way. Ask them questions according to their age like about rhymes, about phonics and maths and ask them to teach you counting, shapes, colours and alphabets etc. Ask them to read a story for you. Ask them questions about the story. This will help them building their confidence about talking and problem solving and boost their thinking power according to different situations.
  2. Pretend Tea Party or kitchen work: Play a pretend tea party game with your child. Be their guest and give them a cupcake that you want to share. Bring a teddy along with your and ask your child to share her/his toys with the teddy and talk to them about their everyday chores, appreciate them that they made a really yummy pretend tea ;). Ask them if they need a help in kitchen work in order to organise the tea party. Talk to them a lot about everything that came in your mind or that you think might benefit your child’s vocabulary and social skills.
  3. Pretend doll house or pretend Garage: If you have a girl them play pretend home with them by playing with dolls, feeding them and putting them to bed and if you have a boy them pretend garage and car work is a great option or pretend nurse, doctor or dentist or even pretend police can be beneficial for your child development as well. Branded pretend toys are expensive. Well, cards, doctor’s set, tea sets and other pretend toys can be bought at reasonable price from discount stores. There is no need to buy expensive ones. I bought my daughter’s doctor set from £land and even her cleaning broom is also from £ land. Kids need learning and colorful toys, it doesn’t matter how cheap or expensive they are. Like this Doll house in the picture can easily be made from a card board.

    playing with a doll near a cardboard house
  • SPORTS AND ACTIVITY CLUBS: Sports are very important for our child’s mental and physical well being. Enroll your child for swimming, gym or sport’s clubs or even after school clubs. Swimming, cycling, running and playing other sports together builds confidence in your child. You child will learn how to talk with others and how to work as a good team member. In Sports its unlikely that anyone always wins, so by winning they get appreciation and courage while if they lost the game, they get courage to cope and learn with it along with confidence and positivity. So, this is a win win situation even if you lose or win.

SO, Lovely parents, these are the top 6 tips for smart parenting and to boost your child’s confidence and social skills. Please do share our ideas and tips about this issue. We all learn from one another and as every child is different, the parenting skills must be different as well. So, please do share your ideas in comments section, so that we all learn from one another and Enjoy this blessed life or being a Parent.






  1. Great article! If all parents put the time into being a good parent and being involved in their child’s life, the world would be a much better place. Having a child is a huge blessing, but it means thinking about what your child likes, needs, struggles with, succeeds with. If only all parents thought about it and were involved in their child’s life, more parents would get the great benefits of it also.

    • Thank you Keith for your comments. No doubt, it is very true that having a child is a blessing but at the same time it is also v difficult and needs a lot of dedication and love. Aim of my website is to share activities and tips about parenting that we can manage in our busy schedule and raise our kids in a best and healthy way…

  2. Thanks for posting this. Great article to remind us of what is really important in our child’s life. There is a lot of great tips and information in here to absorb and is a must read for all!!

    • Thank you so much Organizer for your comments. My aim is to provide best and easy parenting tips for parents to practice along with all the important information about health and kid’s growth and fitness. As Parents, we always wanted to know about parenting, health and children’s growth and everything related to that in easy and understandable way and this is what my website is all about.

  3. Excellent information. This is an article every parent should get themselves familiarized with. I am not a parent yet, but will soon. So this information is very useful. My brother has a son, and I will definitely have to pass this information to him. Thank you for sharing. Keep up with the good work.

    • Thank you so much Hong for liking this article. It is very important for parents to know about parenting skills and everything related to their kids and their development, my website provide all these information along with easy tips and activities for busy parents.

  4. Wow, these are really wonderful tips. My youngest had a bit of trouble when she started school because she was shy. Through the help of here principle and showing her that we were there for her she is now very active in school. My daughter has a Barbie house that I sit down and play with her when I can, I think pretend play is a great activity to enjoy with your children. I like how you included the tip about not talking about your child’s anxieties in front of them, I was shy when I was young and it was hard to deal with so I would never do this to mine or any child. Great post!

    • Hi Melissa, Thank you so much for your comments. No doubt, Pretend play is the best activity to boos child’s confidence, vocabulary and social skills, and for best results we as parents have to play with our kids. I am glad that you used to play with your daughter, that’s the best thing a Mum should do.

  5. I enjoyed reading this. What resonated with me the most is “Taking their advises as to how this will boost their speaking power” and also the “teacher-studant game” where they play the role of the teacher. This is bound to have profoundly positive effects on their confidence. I believe that making the effort to see the world though a child’s eyes is a big key to understanding what they need to help them grow.


    • Hi Brad, thank you so much for your appreciation. I am glad you enjoyed reading this article and I also agree with you 100% that if we see the world through our child’s eyes we will understand their problems and tantrums and every feeling so easily and for that we as parents have to take part in play and games along with them.

  6. I don’t think many people realize how important it is for adults to play with kids, not just other kids. We are the more intelligent ones and can guide the kids to learn more in play. Most people could benefit so much from this article.

    • Hi Thomas, thank you so so much for sharing your kind reviews on this very important issue. I am glad that you think the same, parents need to take some time out to play and to talk with their kids. It is so so important, especially in this era of technology.

  7. Hi Sarah, fantastic article. You really have a great understanding of kids and that shines through in you very informative website. There are just so many ways we can communicate with our kids, helping them to grow into well rounded and secure adults. You make an especially good point about socializing with your own friends and taking the kids along as mothers need some time to talk to other mothers too. And great idea about everybody taking a different snack. I bet the kids love that!

    • Hi Stefanie, I am so glad that you like this article. You are right, there are so many ways to communicate and understand our kids mentality and the best way is to spend time , talk and play with them in their own kiddy way.

  8. Love this post! You are right parenting does take a lot of effort and dedication. I know I thought it would be easy at first and I was wrong. You really have to get yourself involved in their lives and show them you care. Kids are smart. These tips are so helpful!

    • Hi Rob, thank you so much or your comments. It is so true that parenting is about a lot of hard work and effort, but all this hard work pays off when we see our kids growing into a healthy, positive, kind and successful person.

  9. I was raised by a parent with extreme social anxiety and this stunted my own social development by a lot – and I had to learn all this stuff on my own. It took time! I appreciate that you’re giving all these tips to parents so they can start from an early age.

    • Hi Penelope, Thank you for sharing your experience and views with us. Parent’s coordination and support in so important to build social skills in a child. To help out all parents, especially first timers, I shared all these tips and advises. I am glad you that you like this article.

  10. One of the best tips that I came up with was to be the example you wanted as a child. I love the eye-contact and be social tip. We didn’t talk to our parents when we were young; therefore, I knew that I could be friend and parent to my children. I learned how to talk to them so that they could talk to me more freely. It worked.

    • Hi Lane, thank you for your comments. I agree with your that eye contact and parents being social plays an important role in development of good behavior in our kids.

  11. We like to take the kids to the park, it’s amazing how quickly they mix and socialize with other kids whilst playing on the swings & slides etc. They always walk in rather shy however it’s not too long before they’re all chatting away.
    I think any team & ball sports are fab to get kids to interact and play meanwhile swimming is great fun too and extremely sociable. We also have a bike/scooter/skateboard park by us which is another great way for uniting kids together.
    I learnt a great tip from my Uncle. He said when we were young & shy he’d sit down on the floor with us so nobody was looking up to anyone. Being on the same level works wonders to get kids interacting with each other and yourself if shyness is a problem, works every time for me.

  12. These are all great parenting tips! I really do believe in eye contact and the problem solving games. I also have taught my kids to never go to bed upset or angry. Always discuss and make peace. I know from experience what it can do to you and your family. It has made a huge difference for us.


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