These markers are any young artist’s dream. They come in a variety of different vibrant and vivid colors and are suitable from age 3 years and above. On application these best coloring pens give a smooth and intense color lay down and flow smoothly.  ​


  • CONICAL TIP which allows for thin lines when used at the tip and thicker lines when held at an angle. Conical tip help our kids make thin lines from the pointed tip and thicker lines when held at an angle.  ​
  • SHADING AND BLENDING is also possible with these pens, which is usually a technique reserved for pencils alone!​
  • SAFE AND NON TOXIC means peace of mind for the carer if younger children chew or suck on the tips​
  • WASHABLE: Wherever your child draw using these pens on a surface, fabric or anywhere, the stains can be washed out or wiped off very easily.​
  • WRITING with these pens makes learning to write and draw a fun filled activity for our little kids.
  • PRICE: Pack of 24 Beautiful vibrant colors for only £4.50 for UK Customers and Pack of 50 Colors for $13.11. You can get it with free shipping as well.

UK BUYERS SHOP HERE                                                              Buy It Now


  • Absolutely non-toxic and wipes clean. Crayola Markers have been checked by Toxicologist who ensured that these markers are safe and doesn’t contain any harmful element even if ingested or inhaled.
  • Crayola is a trusted brand since 1903 i.e., more than 115 years and give parents and carers a piece of mind and independence to our little kids whenever they want to enjoy and explore their imaginations and creativity.
  • Because of all above features, these markers are a real hit among all the kids and have 4.5 stars ratting with very positive comments by so many buyers.




  1. I do a lot of art, and I have taught my youngest son to create his own cards for different occasions. I think they are more personal and I love getting them from him. So, we can definitely use some additional colors to get even more creative! I love these and I love all the color choices we will have! We have been using colored pencils, but the tips are mostly broken and we don’t have a sharpener. I like the idea of using markers. Thanks for the wonderful review!

  2. Thanks for this review on crayola super tips! I have 4 grandkids and two of them think they are artists. I think this would make a great gift for my grandson’s birthday coming up. I bought him an easel for Christmas and these markers would be perfect for him to use on his big writing pad.
    I appreciate you sharing such an informative article about these. I love that they are versatile; thin lines or thick… Way to go Crayola! It’s also a great thing that they are washable!
    Do they make these scented? That seems to be a big deal for kids these days.
    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Devara, Thank you for your comments, these markers doesn’t have any scent in it but there are other crayola markers and crayons that comes with scent and I will share those products very soon.

  3. I appreciate you being prompt with your response. I will watch for your post about the scented markers and crayons. I know my grandkids really love them as I once did. This site has so much information. I will share it with my daughter. I’m sure she will find some very helpful articles here.
    I look forward to reading more!
    Best of health,

    • Hi Devara, thank you so much for your appreciation. I am glad that you like my website, it really means a lot for me. I am 100% sure your daughter will love this website too. Crayola has been providing us the best craft Supplies for so many years and is a very trusted brand. These Crayola washable markers are can be cleaned just by a wet wipe, so what more could we want for our creative little ones. This product let them play and express their imaginations and observation in the form of drawings and colors, at the same time these are non-toxic for tiny little hands and extremely easy to clean.


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