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I know you all mummies are doing great to keep your babies happy, healthy and active. You all are trying best to facilitate those activities that can promote their mental and physical health. With growing age baby’s brain gets mature and he starts using his/her senses and to encourage this dramatic mental growth, it is very important for us to provide our them the best baby learning toys and help them in performing different learning activities as well.

When you involve your toddlers in learning activities, it helps them to be more creative and develop their motor and cognitive skills.

My today’s article will cover few more toddler learning activities for 6 to 12 months but I am sure older babies will also love to be part of these baby learning activities.

 Sensory Activity (Mashed Potatoes):

I know it sounds messy but I am sure your little one going to love this activity, by the age of 6 months their motor skills get strong, they start picking things and mix in hands. The simple equipments which we can use as learning toys are a plastic bowl and spoon.Pour mashed potato in vibrant colored bowl or you can use his/her favorite cartoon character plate. Sit him/her on highchair or booster seat and give bowl, you will see he/she will start picking mashed potatoes and will start doing different actions with that paste. He will use his all physical strength to figure out the activity he is playing with. This types of activity also helps to promote eating habits as at this age babies frequently takes everything to mouth whatever they have in hands so you can offer cereals, mashed fruits, vegetable purees, baby first food and other healthy meals that are necessary by this age for them. This activity can help your toddler to explore:

–  Sense of taste, sound, sight and smell

–  Build nerve connections in brain’s pathways

–  Muscles strength is develop and stretched

–  Complete control over hand, fingers and thumb

Water Play ( Splish Splash) Time:

Baby’s growth and development can be boosted to man folds just by encouraging our little ones to spend some fun time in water. Babies experience and learn about a lot of things while playing with water.

Splashing, kicking, rolling around and running in the water can be a full of excitement activity for your little one.

It’s a great way for toddlers to have fun.You can arrange them a small swimming pool with full of their favourite toys or you can buy them a water table along with its accessories in your backyard or you can bring them to swimming classes if you feel comfortable with them.

One of my article importance of swimming for babies and toddlers described how beneficial is swimming for baby’s health and growth. Well, if you don’t have water table or small pool DON’T WORRY!!  You can use bath tub, a big bowl or a bucket instead which is feasible for you. You don’t need to plan or spend a lot of time to arrange this activity.

By the age of 6 to 12 months, toddlers start taking little step, and picking their favourite toys. Float some of their favourite characters, toys, balls and ask them to pick the specific item. It will help them to memorize the name, colour and shape of toys and characters. Though, they can’t speak but they will learn the names of the toys they are playing with.

This water play activity is very relaxing for toddlers, they feel calm, energetic and happy, it also increases ability to concentrate on activity and promote eye hand co-ordination by repetitive actions like pouring, stirring, scooping, kicking and splashing water. It’s a sensational experience and great for

  • Mathematical learning like ( full , half, less, empty)
  • Cognitive development
  • Promotes social-emotional growth by sharing and co-operating
  • Floating or sinking allows them to think intelligently and encourage their imaginations
  • Stimulate creative learning
  • Encourage language development, toddlers learn new little words
  • Learn sensory features like ( cold , dry, wet, hot )

The toys we need for all these fun play and activities are a pop-up pool, plastic blocks or balls or even plastic animals and fishes or any other toy of your child’s choice.These sensory activities play vital role in toddler’s mental and physical growth and development. Early years of babies are very crucial because they develop new habits with take them to adulthood. Being a parent it’s our responsibility to provide them an opportunities and experiences that influence their positive behavior towards life.




  1. My toddler used to love splashing in water when she was in this age, and she’s still enjoying water to the max, and I find it hard to convince her that play time is over and we need to take a shower.
    Many creative ideas that toddlers will love, I should’ve read this post earlier when my daughter was younger, but no problem, I’m sure she’s going to love these activities now as well.

    • Thank you Rawan for the comments!! Indeed kids love spending time in water, my daughter and son both love to play with water, whenever I set paddling pool in my backyard for them, they spend amazing time there. They hardly get agree to stop and take shower then I use different tricks to convince them. I believe that kids enjoy every activity until or unless it is creative and interesting. Below is a link of more creative and interesting activities for your lovely daughter, I hope she would love these activities.

  2. Hey Sarah,

    That is so true about everything is going to go to their mouth at this age…lol. It’s why I make sure anything I give them to play with isn’t something they can choke on it. I do really like your advice for activities for toddlers. I do have a question for you though. Do you have any other activities that toddlers can do?

    • Hi Garen, I am pleased to know that your like the advises given in this article. Aim of is to provide easiest and simplest activities for babies and toddlers along with all sort of information about good parenting and health, especially for busy Parents. As you asked for toddler activities, I am sharing this link, in which you can find a lot of information and activities related to toddlers, If you need more ideas and advises , please feel free to ask…

  3. Hello Sarah, thanks for sharing this blog with us. I am 28 with no kids, but it is always a joy to learn about babies. This was a very interesting read, kids playing around with food with a bowl and spoon, and pool water and pool toys. I was unaware that these are ways for the infant to be educated, thanks for the information. I will use your tips when I start to have kids. Thanks again, and continue to work hard!!

    • Hi Ahmed, thank you so much for your appreciation. You are absolutely right, reading about babies is always amazing even before becoming a parents. There are a lot of ways to entertain and play with little babies as I have mentioned in the blog. I hope other parents will find it helpful to…:)

  4. Hey Sarah, I don’t have any children yet but I do agree getting them involved at an early age helps them further down the line in life! I will refer your amazing site to my friend who is a new parent!
    Also, I have a question! Do you use google adsense? I’m aware of their ‘3 ads per page” rule and I’m wondering how you have at least 5 on some of your pages. Does adsense count ads in the header and sidebar as part of the 3 ad limit?

  5. If you put my son anywhere near a bit of water to splash he could stay there entertained for hours he absolutely loved it, I never knew it would help with their learning ability though! Great post

  6. This is a very important article that every mom cannot afford to miss in keeping her baby to grow and develop the motor and other cognitive skills.
    When a baby is offered proper training starting from 6- 12 months, there’s no way that that baby will not be brilliant and healthy.
    You’ve also vividly shown what things are to be placed before a growing baby like spoon, plastic bowl, mashed potatoes because a baby puts everything into his/her mouth at the tender age of 6 months and the period that follows.

    This is a great read. I encourage every parent not to miss any article of this type.

    Wishing you every success and continue adding more useful articles.


  7. A plastic bowl and a spoon for motor skills. Had no idea. And with mash potatoes that sounds like a blast….for a kid anyways lol. They can be messy, but as long as they are happy and showing joy, its worth cleaning up. Thanks for sharing

    • Hi AJ, yes it is really easy and simple to do sensory activities with our kids at home by using simple tools rather than buying expensive toy. Kids learn more from simple activities. I really appreciate your comments on this post, Thank you.

  8. Hey Sarah, This is article is so informative to mothers with toddlers. Truly an amazing in finding learning toy and activities for babies to do in the months coming. I love how you address the beginning stages of when toddlers walking when 6 to 12 month period and what parents can find activities for their babies. Overall really a great post. Thanks for sharing

  9. Hi Sarah, this is great! As an educator of children from birth to 5yrs, i can really appreciate all your subject matter and your knowledge as a parent and from your medical background have come together very well to create something extremely practical for families. Keep up the great work. if you check out my site you will see some other ideas you might like to try out too.
    kindest regards Cassandra


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