My past couple of months went very bad as my 15 months old toddler drove me insane. I was not able to figure out the reason behind his behavior as he still did not learn how to express himself appropriately so, he can’t tell me what is wrong with him. And off course being a mother it is my responsibility to find out the grounds and try to overcome the problems. So, I decided to spend some time with him and assist him in few baby learning activities. I was really astonish to see that his behavior frequently changed and he started behaving nicely and gave me pleased gesture. His frequently changed behavior gave me an idea to share that baby learning activities- 12 to 24 months with all those mummies out there who are suffering from such problems.

Here I am presenting those sensory activities that really helped me to engage my son and made him quite happy. Now he loves to engage in these activities everyday and spend a lot of time without my assistance.

Dance with Rhymes:

I found this activity very interesting; mummy and baby both can have fun together. Start singing very simple and his/her favourite rhyme (like Ring around the roses, twinkle twinkle, or clap your hands) and do the very simple actions matches the rhyme. Repeat steps as long as he/she seems interested. Forthwith you will see they will start to mimic your words and actions you are doing with rhymes.

You can  also do it in a very simple manner, sit with your child and start clapping with rhyme “ clap your hands “ or his favourite one and encourage him to do the same. Sooner or later he will copy your actions and your words as well. Later you can just play a rhyme and he/she will start dancing himself. This fun learning activity promote baby’s development in various way like

  • It teaches verbal skills
  • Promote cognitive skills and improve memory
  • Facilitate language development
  • Improve rmemory
  • Boost eye and hand coordination with singing words
  • Build confidence
  • Encourage self-expression

Hide and Seek:

Hide and seek is one of the best activity toddlers love to play. It supports toddlers to search hidden objects. It might look very simple activity but it is very interesting and plays a vital role in promoting cognitive skills. It makes child giggle but at the same time it encourages him to use problem solving skills and starts imagine and thinking about the best place can be to hide the object. Even you can hide yourself behind the sofa, door, or whatever the easiest place your child can find, and make a sound and call her/his name to give him clue, from where the sound is coming to follow the direction of target. Repeat the same action with him let him hide and ask him loudly that I am coming to find you .

This simple activity can give your child very helpful benefits like

  • Perfect balance
  • Improve agility
  • Build stamina
  • Refine Physical strength
  • Aid muscles development

Colourful Stickers:

Toddlers love stickers, the best part they love is to peel off the stickers, stick them anywhere they want except the plain paper you give .This is a very good learning activity. I am teaching my son colour , shapes, numbers, phonic sounds and animal names. Though, he cannot speak right now but he has memorized the names, when I ask him to stick specific colour, shape or animal name. He exactly sticks it on the paper and feels happy when I appreciate him on this effort.

This is a great motor skill activity, improve memorization, and stimulate thinking.

It is also helpful for mummies because it keep the toddlers busy for a short time without making mess.








  1. My son is 18 months. Sometimes I have a feeling like he is an individualist. He’s not an easy one to entertain. There are days when he’s absorbed by a cardboard box and he’s f.ex able to spend an hour transferring all his balls from the usual place to the box and it’s so exciting for him to do it. Sometimes he’s just going through all his stuff. From one book to another, from one toy to another and so on and he’s getting bored in few minutes. It’s not everyday scenario but it does happen very often. He’s a calm kid – not a hyperactive type. It’s hard to entertain him with the clapping thing, he’s ignoring me when I’m doing things he’s not interested in 🙂 So sometimes I don’t have enough ideas how to make him busy and organize our free time together.

    • Thanks for your comment Gosia. I can also relate to you as my 18 month old toddler make me crazy sometimes and i don’t understand how to get him engage in activities for longer period. So, i engage him in outdoor activities. I must suggest you when you feel he is not showing interest in indoor activities, try some outdoor activities also i would suggest you to arrange water activity,as kids love water or you can also take him for swimming class. Swimming is not only a fun or enjoyment but it boost your little one’s sensory development. Have a look on more swimming benefits . I hope you would find these tips helpful 🙂

  2. Wonderful ways to stimulate and entertain busy toddlers! In an age where many busy parents are sticking their children in front of TV’s and Ipads, this is refreshing. When my kids were small, it seemed exhausting trying to keep them entertained, but as your article suggests, the simpler the better!

  3. Thank you Linda for your comments.You are right that now a days parents do give their kids ipads and tablets to keep them busy but there are many simple ways as well to engage your child with certain activities so that his/her learning and development stimulates.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    Great post, my son really enjoys singing and as a result it has really helped him with his vocabulary and his ability to construct sentences, he also enjoys reading and numbers as a result of the activities that he is involved in.
    Thanks for this great insight

    • Hi Charlie, thank you for sharing your comments, singing is such a fun and effective way to teach our kids about everything around us and these rhymes also help us improve vocabulary and speaking power.

  5. Hello Sarah, another great article on baby activities. I was unaware that hide and seek can help improve the baby’s stamina, very interesting. A baby is very capable of learning a lot at such a young age. I plan to coach my future children on these things. Thanks once again, and continue to work!!!

    • Hi Ahmed, thank you for your comments and appreciation. Indeed babies are capable of learning so many things we couldn’t even think of.

  6. This post is excellent. I have a 1 year old and she is quite advanced compared to my son at the same age. I am going to try some of these activities with her later today. I have a feeling my 3 year old will be joining in too.

  7. I find hide and seek to be the best activity for my twins. They get to burn some excess energy during the seeking part and like you said, it helps develop their problem solving skills.
    Stickers were a bit of headache personally! They kept sticking them all over the place and it created a bit of a mess to be honest 🙂
    Great tips here though, thank you!

  8. I found this article really interesting, I could have done with it 20 years ago when I had my first child. I think i’ll send the link to your website as my daughter is getting to the age where she will start having her own family in the not so distant future, and will likely save her some sleepless nights.

    • Hi La’Tiffany, Thank you for your appreciation, I am sure your niece will love these activities like other babies and toddlers do.

  9. These sound like great activities for learning and growth of kids. I’m not sure if I could handle doing them as an adult. Do you have any tips for staying sane while playing with children?

  10. Hi and thanks for sharing these tips.

    I as a father find is often hard to think of things to do with my toddler girl.

    All the ideas you mention here are things she likes to do with her mom. I think I want to engage more and enjoy playing with my girl.

    • Hi Stefan, thank you so much for your comments. You are absolutely right, dads should also take park in playing and doing activities with kids because this is the real pleasure of life. I myself enjoys a lot playing with my kids as a mum.

  11. Hi Sarah, Thank you so much again for these amazing ideas and information. I have a 15 months old and I’m really looking forward to trying these tips and ideas with him and also with my 4 year old son.

  12. My twin sons are 2 and a half years old so I can relate on a lot I read in this article. Very useful for young parents and it will help them understand what a toddler need in this age. Great read!


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