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When you hold your bundle of joy for the first time his/her size make you hesitant at first but it don’t take long when you become expert in handling and caring a newborn.

As a good parent, giving our little ones the best nourishment and health care is the top most priority, though these things are crucial for their healthier life but their skin care and hygiene is also very important to keep them away from infections, rashes and other skin irritations. The first 28 days of the newborn baby are very crucial and important for their hygiene and skin care because they are vulnerable after birth and can be affected by infections. 

My today’s article describing the baby health care tips including hygiene and skin care for a newborn baby as his/her skin is extremely soft, sensitive and delicate and they can prone to the rashes, itching, irritation, dryness more frequently as compare to grown-up kids.

Importance Of Newborn’s Bath:

When it’s about taking care of your baby you need to put a lot of attention towards the hygiene of your baby because it is very crucial for their health and skin protection. Appropriate bath and massage is required to calm and soothe the body and nourish skin.

Before giving bath to your newborn make sure his/her umbilical cord is fallen-off, it takes at least a week to shed it off till you can use soft cloth, cotton wool, gauze or gentle wipes to clean the baby’s armpits, neck and nappy area, it is more than enough because newborn baby doesn’t contact with dirt much.

Once the umbilical cord is removed now your baby is ready to take a bath. Newborn’s baby skin is very thin and fragile and mums especially new mums get nervous to give them bath, but if you follow the tips mentioning below accordingly then you and your baby both will enjoy the bath time. Your baby spent nine month in the fluid so, he is much familiar with the water, don’t get hesitate while giving bath to your little one.

Tips to Remember:

  • Before giving bath give soft and gentle massage to your baby, it makes him feel calm and soothe.
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  • Assemble all necessary things you need at bath time like towel, mild soap or shampoo.
  • Check the water temperature, usually the normal water for us to be hot for them so I recommend 35 to 37°C temperature of water or you can check by pouring on back of your newbie.
  • You should have your partner or helper along if you are a first time mother, so that if you require anything so he/she could help you.
  • When start giving bath to your baby, hold him/her tightly and support his head and back and start pouring water on hands, legs to check if he/she feeling bad. If he/she is enjoying it then start rubbing your baby parts with drops of baby mild shampoo or soap. Don’t use perfumed and chemical based soap and shampoos as it will remove the natural oil from the sensitive skin of your baby.
  • During bath rub these parts gently ears, armpits, between finger and toes, folding knees, nappy area, neck.
  • Don’t give baby a long bath; try to complete it as fast as you can with love.
  • Newborn enjoys night time sleep so it’s good if you give him bath in afternoon or evening is it is not so cold, so that he/she could take a long nap, it would be better if you give him/her bath before feed as long as he/she doesn’t cry.
  • If your baby starts crying during bath so don’t get panic just be calm, gentle and try to soothe her/him with rhyming sounds and songs.
  • Keep the room temperature warm and wrap in a towel right after taking him/her out of bath tub.

After-bath Care:

  • Hold your wrapped little ones in hands for a while and then with all your love lie him/her down straight and start moisturizing his/her all parts properly and get-dress him nicely.
  • Don’t forget to trim your baby’s nail after bath if you want him to stay away from scratches. After bath it will be easy for you to cut nails because it will get soften.
  • If your baby looks sleepy then let him fall asleep first and trim nails.
  • If your baby has stuffy nose, then use bulb syringe to take out the nostrils.

Importance Of Newborn’s Skin Care:


Right after bringing home to the little one, your top most priority is to keep him warm, healthy and nourished. As your baby’s skin will keep developing in new world because it gets transfer from water environment to the dry environment so its care is very important, a newborn comes in the world with a protective covering skin called vernix which peels off naturally during 1st week after a birth.

Because your baby’s skin is delicate and sensitive so don’t leave it dry else it can frequently prone to the infection. Its proper care and nourishment is very crucial because it helps in keeping baby healthy and fights against irritation, itching and rashes. Throughout the first year it requires deep care because baby’s skin is quite different from grown-up kids.

You can give your little one bath 2-3 times a week but give him/her a massage daily. Massage is as important as cuddling because it is the simplest and warmest way of conveying loves and affection to your little one. When mother touches baby with all her love she/he feels calm, relax, resolve colic problem as well, sleep well and long, and last but not the least cry less. Massage keeps the skin moisturise and soft and protect it from being dry and itchy.

You don’t require any special skill or technique for doing baby massage just lay him/her down on soft blanket and use his/her baby oil, olive oil or baby mild lotion, take few drops in hands and start from the chest, gently circulate your hands in circular  and anti-circular motion, then move towards tummy and so on.

Your baby will enjoy the whole time of massaging as his/her body feels good, but if he/she gets irritated and start crying then give the short massage and just apply the oil or lotion. However, while massaging a baby keep talking, singing loving songs rhymes and grab your little ones attention.

Importance Of Changing Diapers:

When it’s about newborn hygiene then you need to pay more attention towards nappy change because new born skin is delicate, soft and sensitive and you cannot ignore his/her nappy area.

Mostly first time mothers face the problem of diaper rash which usually caused by irritating of dampness of dirty diaper. Usually it does not require any medical assistance if your baby is having a normal mild rash but if your baby’s rashes and itching is not getting better by any nappy rash cream and your baby is uncomfortable with persistent rash and itchiness, or if there are blisters appearing on your baby’s skin, then go to your doctor and get advice.

It might be the case of thrush or Candida/fungal infection and might need some anti-fungal or steroid ointment for treatment. Below are the few simple tips to keep in mind if you want to stay away from the diaper rash and other skin related problems.

  • Check baby’s nappy frequently as new born baby usually needs at least 9-10 nappy changes in a day or sometimes more.
  • Immediately change the diaper if it is soiled.
  • Wash your baby’s nappy area with baby mild soap or plain water especially when they poo in their nappy.
  • After thorough washing, dry the nappy area properly and then put the diaper on.
  • Giving your baby regular bath with delicate bath products will also help in preventing nappy rash.
  • Apply a nappy rash/barrier cream or petroleum jelly that suits your baby’s skin.
  • Use fragrance and chemical free baby products like fragrance free baby bath, bubble bath, lotion and other ointments and wipes as well. Certain chemicals and irritants may cause rashes and itching on baby’s delicate skin.
  • Nappy-Off Time: It’s the time when your baby is without wearing a nappy. Nappy-off Time is very crucial for our babies at least once a day. I know it is very difficult to do as a busy mum, but believe me, if we leave our babies without nappy for about 5-10 minutes every day, it works like wonder in treating baby’s rash, as baby’s skin also needs to be in direct contact with fresh air as well. This nappy-off time worked like magic when my daughter had rashes when she was a baby.

A newborn baby care can be hard initially, especially for the first time mums because they look after their hygiene needs which required skills and practice as compare to adults. But proper instructions, knowledge, patience and love gives courage to all you wonderful parents to perform this job in a very good manner.



  1. I think a lot of parents are scared of how to bathe their babies for the first time, because they’re so fragile! It’s great that you’ve provided so many tips on how to keep it safe and positive and not dangerous for the baby.

    • Thank you Penelope for your comments. This is so true that handling and bathing newborn babies is very difficult and scary, because babies are so tiny and fragile, but by getting information from Experienced people, reading tips and by doing it yourself, we can learn a lot…

      • I’m grateful for such good resources online like this site! Really helps replace fear with good solid information and a plan. I’m expecting my first child and am a regular reader 🙂

        • Hi Penelope, thank you so much for your appreciation. This is what my aim is, to make worries and difficulties or mums far far easier by providing them good information along with easy tips and advises.

  2. Oh that first bath is nerve wracking! I gave my son infrequent baths as a newborn but kept him clean of course. The white vernix babies are born covered in protects their skin. After that it was water only for washing.

    I made a nappy cream but there’s some great brands out there like neals yard who do baby skincare with no nasties in.

    Great post with some great information. Thanks!

    • Thankyou Lace for your views on his article, I agree with you that first Baby bath is always nerve wracking. Taking care for tiny delicate babies is not at all a easy job and that’s why I shared this article with all the wonderful parents.

        • Hi lace, thank you so much for your comments. It is really scary to bath the baby for the very first time and every effort that we do as mums, pays off when we see our little ones growing into healthy and happy kids.

    • Thank you so much Eden for the comments! Kids enjoy bath time if it is given appropriately otherwise it can be a trouble for mothers as well 🙂 I also have a good experience of giving bath to my kids, as they both love to spend time in water and doesn’t create any trouble for me 😉

  3. Hi Sarah,
    My first time visiting your wonderful baby site and I was overwhelmed, all the more in the next pages. When I glanced on the first page, I hinted your site has much more to offer about everything that encompasses from the baby, food, health and to parenting to name a few. Your site is one of the best I have ever visited. Keep it up, you are doing a great and fantastic job. Kudos to you.

    • Hi Astro, thank you so so much for visiting my website. I am so glad that you like it. It really means a lot to me. It is like, my hard work is paid off, when my visitors appreciate my work. Thank you so much once again.


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