Hello and welcome to the last trimester of pregnancy. In this article we will be discussing about “baby development” from 27th to 30th week and fetal development during this period. So, let’s have a look inside the womb and see what is happening and how your beautiful baby is growing and developing.

Week 27: Your baby is now having regular periods of sleep and activity. This means your baby moves throughout the day on and off but at a specific time period, he/she will kick and dance with more strength. During his/her sleep, your baby experiences REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the phase of sleep in which we all see dreams. Your little baby can see dreams now as well.

Your baby’s lungs are getting stronger and surfactant if forming as well. So, if you experience pre-mature labour and give birth to your baby at this time, there are very high chances of baby’s survival in neonatal care unit.

Your baby is now 35-36 cm long and weighs around 875g (1.9 lbs).

Week 28: Your baby’s brain development is taking its final place now, lungs getting stronger and baby’s eye are sensitive to light and they can blink if light filters in through mother’s tummy.

Hair and eye lashes are getting much prominent and your little one looks like a tiny little beautiful baby thought need a lot of more strength and weight gain at the moment. He can blink her eyes, which now sport lashes. With her eyesight developing, she may be able to see the light that filters in through your womb.

Your baby is now approximately 14.5 inches long & weighs around 2 ½ lbs i.e., 1.13 kg. 

Week 29: Your baby’s head is now in complete proportion in size as compared to body. Brain, skeletal system, muscles, lungs and everything getting stronger. Your baby’s nervous system is getting more powerful day by day, and he/she can control his/her own body temperature.

Baby’s senses like sensitivity to light, taste and smell are getting stronger as well. Muscles and bones are developing and getting more proteins, folic acid, vitamin C and calcium from mother’s blood, that is why it is very vital for pregnant mothers to have a good balances diet because their baby is going to take nutrients from her as well. Estriol is forming by your baby’s adrenal glands that stimulates milk production. So, if your baby is born now, he/she will be able to have breast feed as well.

Your baby is now 15 inches long from head to heel and 2.5 lbs in weight.

Week 30: your baby is getting plummer because of fat cells formation under her skin. Your baby has now takes more room in the womb as amniotic fluid is just 1.5 pint there. Your baby’s kicks and moves are getting stronger and he/she is heading towards taking his/her final position i.e., head down position.

Your baby is equals to the size of a large cabbage i.e., 15.7 inches long and weighs about 3 pounds.


Congratulations to all mummies as you have now entered the last trimester of pregnancy. Now it’s time to finalize things for you and your baby and started to do shopping and deciding baby names.

I know and can very easily relate to your all as a mother of two kids that how difficult is the third trimester. Weight gain and a lot of toiler trips for pee increasing day by day as pressure on your bladder increases and makes your restless at times also. We gain a lot of weight and maternity clothing we bought earlier are not fitting any more, need to buy looser and comfy clothing.

At this time on wards, back pain, lower abdominal pain, heart burn and pain in rib cage when your baby stretches your diaphragm.

Well, just relax and be happy. Take small and more frequent meals, a lot of fluids and pregnancy vitamins as per your doctor’s advice. Take comfortable support with cushions and pillows while lying or sitting. Pillow under your feet and between your legs while your lie on your side give a lot of comfort.

You might be feeling clumsy as well with the increasing weight and bump, so, wear flat and comfortable foot wear for extra comfort and safety. Rest and relax as much as you can.

I can understand, usually third trimester goes very slowly because we all started to count days for the delivery date. Believe me this time will pass as well as your last two trimesters went with blink of an eye and soon your will be holding your adorable bundle of joy.







  1. Wow! This sis like, serious information!!! I think I learned more about expecting mothers in 10 minutes then I did the previous years of my life! well, I hope moms can stay happy through it but I did not know about the pain in places besides the back. I think expecting dads need to look at this as much as moms because men, we have no idea. This is a well informed site!

    • Hi Thomas, I really appreciate your thoughts and views on this article. I agree with you 100% that dads should also know all the changes and health problems as mother goes through, so that they can understand the feeling of their partner. It is also very important to be supportive to your partner and help them out in their work.

  2. This is great and useful information. I would love if you could provide information from early weeks to this stage
    Well done

    • Hi Kwacha, thank yo so much for your comments. It is very necessary for expecting parents to know all about the pregnancy and everything. Keeping this in mind and as you have said, I have written many article on pregnancy, i.e., from conception till birth. I am sharing a link with you which will give you all the information about pregnancy, health related problems during pregnancy and about food and health https://kiddieversity.com/category/pregnancy/. I hope you find it very helpful…

  3. Wow, they have the ability to see light? That’s amazing. And REM sleep? You’d almost think little babies were human, hahahah! Thanks for some fascinating information about early human development.

    • Thank you Penelope for your comments. This is so true that babies do have memory and they can hear as well. It is so miraculous, isn’t it…
      It is so fascinating knowing about human development even before birth. I find it too interesting and magical to be honest.

  4. I had a nice healthy baby but I wish I had a more healthy diet that I was able to stick to afterward. I just love babies and their development.

    • Hi Lane, thank you so much Lane for your comments. Healthy diet is a must during pregnancy. Like me, I am glad to know that you love knowing about growing babies. Pregnancy and growing baby is not doubt very amazing and miraculous….:)

  5. Very informative article. The third trimester was amazing! It is amazing hearing all the changes the baby went through the last few months before their birth. It truly was amazing being pregnant.

    • Thank you Melissa for your appreciation. It is now doubt an amazing journey being pregnant from day 1 till the end of 9th month. It is lovely to see how baby grows from a tiny particle to a complete human being, isn’t it…

    • Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for liking this article. You are absolutely right, long restless days during last few weeks of pregnancy along with other discomforts pays off when we hold our little baby in our hands. It is so amazing….:)

  6. Wow. What an informative and well explained article. This will help me especially now when am 18 weeks pregnant. Thanks à lot.

    • Hi Lucia, thank you so much for your comments. Many congrats and a lot of best wishes for your pregnancy. May you have a healthy baby via safe delivery. It is very fascinating to know about the growth and development of our baby while pregnant. The feeling is so awesome and great…:)

  7. Great information for expectant mothers – very in depth. The third trimester was tough, the anticipation of birth, sleeping discomfort. Like you say, it’s important to relax and be happy, for mum and baby. The time soon goes and baby arrives making the third trimester so absolutely worth the discomfort.

    • Thank you so much Lace for your comments. It is now doubt very important to relax because difficulty in sleeping is a common problem during pregnancy. But time flies quickly and we forget all discomforts and efforts as we hold our little baby.

  8. Hey Sarah, I never realized how much that’s going on inside the body during pregnancy! This is such a detailed “walkthrough”, if I may call it that.

    I love how you go the extra mile to provide a crystal clear image of the baby’s development. My brother-in-law and his SO are expecting their 2nd child really soon. I’m gonna impress them with my new knowledge, haha!

    Excellent work!

    • Hi Michael, thank you so much for your appreciation. Please do share these articles with your brother in law and his SO. I am sure they will be impressed for all that you know about pregnancy:)
      Take Care, Sarah.


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