fetus in 8th month

Hello mummies, hope your pregnancy and baby preparations are going good. I know you are counting days now for the birth of your baby, well, you are nearly there and soon your little baby will be with you. So, let’s have a look on “baby development week by week” from Week 31 to 35, though the fetal development is completed but still there are some more maturation and strengthening needed for your baby. So, let’s see what’s happening inside the womb…

 Week 31: Your baby is getting more and more developed and strong day by day. He/she has already developed a scheduled pattern and REM sleep. Your baby’s lungs are getting more and more mature and strong by the passing time. Your baby’s brain is also getting mature and is able to store memories and learn consciousness.

Your baby is now able to hear and differentiate between different sounds as well as all five senses are now developed. Your baby has occupied most of the room inside your womb but still kicks, punches and do other movements with a lot more strength. Your baby might have taken its final position i.e., head down position but some babies do get their head down position later during 9th month.

Week 32: Your baby is still practicing breathing movements by taking in amniotic fluid. Bones and muscles getting more strong and dense. Your baby sleeps most of the time and see dreams as well. Because of more surfactant, alveoli (air sacs) in lungs are getting more strength. Your baby can recognize specific sounds and music.

If you play the same music to your baby after they are born, that you used to play during pregnancy, you will be astonished to see that your baby calms down by hearing that same music or sound as they can remember what they used to hear. Your baby’s immune system is getting stronger as well as he/she can produce their own blood cells.

Your baby weighs around 3.75 lbs and 16.8 inches in length from head to heal.

Week 33: Your baby’s finger nails and toe nails are fully formed and developed. Your baby is practicing breathing, eye blinking and kicks and punches. Brain is still developing to the final touches, bones are becoming more stronger and denser as he/she has started to store calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals.

Your baby’s skin is getting less and less wrinkly due to the formation of under-skin fat cells. Your baby’s eyes are closed while sleeping but they open their eyes when awake.

Your baby weighs around 4lbs and 17 inches long approx….

Week 34: Vernix Caseosa is still covering your baby’s skin, providing him/her warmth. It will shed off before birth but some babies do born with some traces of that waxy substance. Your baby’s bones especially head bones are thickening but remain unfused until birth and will fuse completely when your baby is few months old.

Your baby is still busy making different face expressions like crying, smiling and other expressions. Your baby’s movements are getting restricted and they are growing and have lesser room inside the womb to wiggle around.

Your baby is about 17.72 inches long and weighs 4.73 pounds approx…

Week 35: At this point of time, almost all development is done and babies just need to grow and get stronger and gain some more weight until birth. Your baby is not performing a lot of gym activities like kicking and punching now because of the restricted room inside the womb.

You baby is now 18.19 inches long and 5.25 pounds in weight approx…



Your bump is getting bigger and bigger and you might be feeling Braxton Hicks contractions i.e., the painless contraction we feel. Some mothers started to feel these at 27 weeks and some later in 8th month. These painless tightenings are actually making your uterus ready for much stronger contractions when your labour starts. But if these contractions are getting painful even a little bit then you should go and see your midwife or doctor to rule out the early progress of labour.

Keep yourself well hydrated and very well fed as you need nutrition not only for you but for your baby as well, not only this you also need a lot of strength for labour also. So, do eat good food and drink more fluids (avoid caffeinated and fizzy drinks).

Keep your self socialized, go out to spa and just have a full relaxing body and feet massage at Spa or at home with your favorite essential oil (after taking advice from your health expert), have a relaxing bath, try to do whatever makes you relax and happy because at this stage of pregnancy, mum faces a lot of troubles too like trouble in sleeping, changing positions, lying, sitting, swollen legs and what not. So, it is really vital for the mother to be happy and relaxed.

Don’t forget to ask your midwife about antenatal classes near your area. If there are antenatal/birth preparation classes available, then go with your partner to attend, as he needs to know as well that how he can be helpful to you during tough labour and afterwards.

Apart from all above, it’s time to finalize baby shopping https://kiddieversity.com/newborn-baby-checklist/,packing hospital bag https://kiddieversity.com/what-to-pack-in-the-hospital-bag/. Well, the time is very near now for you to give birth and enjoy a blissful life with your little one. I wish your all the very best for your safe labour and healthy baby ahead.













  1. Oh my goodness, the baby already has memories, conciousness, and the ability to have REM sleep at 8 months? that’s incredible. I had no idea. And thanks for reinforcing the importance of self care at this stage in our pregnancy, because hosting a little human is a lot of work!

    • Thank you Penelope for your views on this article. Babies do have memory and they recognize the sounds and songs they used to hear before birth, no doubt it is very amazing and magical. Apart from all this, self care and relaxation for a mother is very very important, you are absolutely right, hosting a little human is not at all easy…:)

  2. Great information, self care in pregnancy is so important, I agree. Happy mum, happy baby. As well as antenatal classes this is a great time to start hypnobirthing (life saver for me) and get a doula!

    Would love to hear your thoughts on doulas and home birth?

    • Thank you Lace for your comments. Self care during pregnancy is so so important because pregnancy itself is a hard work and our body is busy in growing little baby 24/7. These 9 months are not at all easy and yes, if mum is happy then babies and family are also happy….:)

  3. I love these pictures. I am a visual person that learns the best with pictures. When having a baby it is nice to know what they look like each week. I can’t wait to learn other things about babies. I am sure you have some baby related articles somewhere on your website. Thanks for the article .

    • Hi Hong, Hope you are doing good. Thank you so much for your appreciation. I agree with your, looking at pictures are better in remembering things rather than reading a lot of text material. I am glad that you like my website and want to see more baby related information which you will find here https://kiddieversity.com/category/baby/. Please leave your feedback about all articles related to baby in this link.

  4. wow this site is loaded with wealth of information. I remember following these week by week guide 2 years ago when I was preg and it definitely adds so much excitement as there is something to look forward to every week, that is the changes in the baby that you can read but cant see, atleast this serves the purpose of visualizing your baby every week before you give birth to him/her. Really great tips for moms as well, I will share with my friend who is preg. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Ramandeep, thank your for your appreciation, I am glad that you like this article and the tips about mum’s care. It is so overwhelming feeling being pregnant and visualizing the baby, that’s why I also include pictures in my articles. For more pregnancy related information, please have a look on https://kiddieversity.com/category/pregnancy/.

  5. Hi Sarah

    Wow your site is so full of information for the new Moms. In my day we only had a black and white scan, not like today where it’s in colour. I feel this only makes the Mom even more with her bundle of joy right from the word go. now for the Moms that can’t afford that scan your site does that for them.

    Great work.

    God bless

    • Hi Naomi, I hugely appreciate your views on this articles and I am glad that you like my website. It is especially designed for parents, babies and kids and covers everything related to their health, food, growth, activities and learning. You are right, technology now a days is so so advance, not only parents can see their baby in colored scan but also in 3-d scan along with 3-d printing of the image. Isn’t it amazing:). Thank you so much for sharing your comments on this article. Looking forward to hear from you again:).

  6. There was s a lot going on in this time period. The baby has been though a lot of changes. The participation of the mother may seem minimal but her only job it give the baby every opportunity to develop

    • Hi Maurice, thank you for your comments. you are absolutely right, there are a lot of things going on during pregnancy and it is not at all an easy job carrying a growing baby in the womb.

  7. Sarah,

    This is really taking me back. I remember being pregnant and going through this. Sadly, I was working and I my co-workers and bosses where not at all nice to me. I wish I knew how to take care of myself back then.

    • Hello Lane, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article. It is really sad, how boss and work co-workers cannot help and cooperate with their pregnant colleagues. I used to work when I was pregnant but everyone was so so cooperative and helpful and that’s how ever co-worker should be, isn’t it…

  8. This post has so much useful information!!!!
    I remember when i was at that stage, the changes, the emotions and i really wish i had this info back then!
    Thanks for sharing in so much detail everything that goes on during this special time, I will definitely recommend it to future moms to be 😀
    Have a good Day Sarah!

    • Hi Arlet, thank yo so much for your appreciation. Not only you, while writing this article, it took me back as well, in the past when I was pregnant. As you have said that you will recommend it to other parents, that’s what the aim of this website is, to provide all the useful information regarding health, fitness, parenting, and all about babies and kids. A platform with all such information really makes the job of parents really easy and interesting….

  9. I remember this stage and definitely remember that towards the final stage is definitely about self-care. We tend to forget as we are anxious for our babies to come.

    • Hi Fiona, thank you for your comments. You are absolutely right, in final days of pregnancy, we do forget about self-care as we all are so so worried ans anxious about our pregnancy, baby, labor and life afterwards, but we forget every pain and worry as we see our little baby…isn’t it…:)

  10. Hi Sarah,
    Great and well detailed post. The mother’s body goes through so much during pregnancy and keeping your self happy and relaxed is very important but most times, mothers don’t even think about it. Very well explained post, thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you so much Lydia for your appreciation. It is very necessary for all the women who are pregnant or not and even dads to know all about pregnancy stage by stage so that they can be a much better companion to their partner during this blessed journey or motherhood. That’s the reason I have shared all this information in detail.

  11. The pictures are a great added touch! Such solid information. My daughter-in-law, fits right into this time frame, so I am sending her this link. I know she has been reading everything she can, and we are all getting excited! A mother definitely goes thru a lot of changes and at this point they seem to be happening a lot faster. I do remember these days!


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