Now a days it is cold weather everywhere. Many of us must be worries about skin care of our kids, especially newborn kids as during winter skin becomes dry and sometimes flaky and itchy. Skin care of baby and toddler could be tricky and might needs a lot of attention and care because at this stage our little ones are so young to understand about having an ointment massage or bath or any other creams and ointments and could get irritated. So, today I am going to share all necessary information about skin and skin care in a very simplistic way, so that all of us can understand and follow the routine easily.

SKIN: Before jumping the information about dry skin, lets understand a basic concept about our skin. Skin comprises of three layers

Epidermis (outer layer): Provides skin from drying as it plays a role of waterproof barrier.

Dermis (middle layer): Contains connective tissue, hair follicle and glands that are responsible for sweating.

Hypodermis (inner layer): Contains connective tissue, fat & collagen.

EFFECT OF COLD WEATHER ON SKIN: Climate and weather usually effects our skin immensely. When the weather is cold, the humidity level in the air drops and this leads to skin dryness. If this dryness gets worst, it might cause eczema.


  • Dry flaky skin
  • Skin tightness
  • Dry patches on skin
  • Itching
  • Redness and rashes


  • Avoid frequent baths, just once a week should be enough.
  • Make sure your child is wearing soft comfortable clothing.
  • Wash the clothes in non-bio baby detergent.
  • Cut the nails frequently to avoid scratching and bleeding.
  • Keep mittens on your baby’s hands to avoid scratching.
  • Use fragrance free baby bath, lotion, ointment or any skin care product.
  • Use diapers especially made for sensitive skin and wash your baby’s nappy area with fresh water or fragrance-free wipes, as skin dryness may lead to diaper rash.
  • Use room humidifier to avoid dryness in the air.
  • If dryness is worst, then your child might need the moisturize or ointment massage 4-5 times a day. If you do it with every nappy change, then it will make your job easier and you can manage the nappy and skin care at the same time.

HOW TO BATH: Bath once a week and use fragrance free baby bath, simple liquid paraffin bath or oat bath. In Luke warm water add your baby bath and then let your baby sit in it for a good enough time like about 5-8 minutes. In this way moisture of water, fragrance-free bath or paraffin bath absorbs in the skin. After finishing bath, pat dry with a towel very very gently and put fragrance free skin lotion or moisturizer that suits to your baby’s skin. Massage for about 2-3 minutes and then put your baby’s clothes on.

WHEN TO SEE A DOCTOR: If your child’s skin dryness gets worst and flaky, you might need some special skin product for your baby’s skin prescribed by a doctor. Dryness might lead to eczema as well, so if your think fragrance free products the care you are giving to your child is not benefiting your child then a doctor’s advice is a must.

I hope all wonderful mums find this article really beneficial in healing your baby’s dry skin and also in making your job of taking care of baby’s skin much easier. Please share what you do for your little baby’s skincare, so that we all can get ideas from each other :).


  1. Adding moisture to the skin through bath-time water absorption is a good tip that my wife and I will try out. Our 10 month old often gets dry red patches on his cheeks due to the cold. We will use Aquaphor which you can find at your nearest Walgreens or CVS. If we don’t have Aquaphor we’ll just use petroleum jelly from a squeeze bottle. We were told to stay away from using the petroleum jelly in the jar so it doesn’t gather germs from us sticking our fingers in the jar and then applying the jelly to our child’s face. Thanks for another great article!

    • Thank you Clinton for sharing your views on this article. It is very crucial
      For us to keep our child’s skin well moisturised and bath is one of the beneficial way to do it. I hope you Will also find it helpful for your baby…

  2. This is another great article. Taking all measures to make sure your baby is comfortable is important because babies have no way of communicating except through tears. I like your tips about the bath and allowing the baby to sit in the water and the massage that is great. Another great article!

    • Hello Melissa, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article. Actually have dry skin is a very common problem not only in adults but in babies as well. It is very important to know about management and care regimen of dry skin to avoid discomfort.

  3. Hey Sarah

    I am sold on your article just by looking at the baby pictures!
    The article is well thought out with lots of great information for new mom and dad and even parents with toddlers. I will definitely send mom and dad to your site to check it out they can learn a lot. Overall good content.


    • Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for sharing you views on this article. I am really glad that you like it. Actually in dry skin and eczema management, just moisturisation is not enough, we have follow the whole care regimen as mentioned in the article.

  4. Winter is the worst for dry skin, and for babies — who already have sensitive skin — it’s probably a nightmare. Great information here all around. <3

    • Hi Blu, you are absolutely right, managing babies with dry/delicate skin is a nightmare as babies always feel very uncomfortable and unable to sleep at times ad due to this discomfort parent can’t have good sleep as well.

  5. I’m so convinced that these products with artificial coloring and scents just need to go. I don’t understand their purpose, at least medically – most people have some kind of sensitivity or allergy. It’s distressing to think about all of those poisons going on such a tiny body! Thanks for the great tips.

    • Hi Penelope, I am glad to see your views on this important issue. I agree, markets products do have preservatives and chemicals which could be damaging to our baby’s delicate skin. I is always very important to know about the right product on babies because if they develop any skin problem or dryness, it could be distressing not only for the baby but also for the parents.

  6. Its been many years since my children were babies but I remember the problem’s we had with them especially my youngest who was born in February during winter.

    He is 12 now but we only ever used to use baby friendly oils and moisturizers. After bath time he would always have a massage with them which worked very well.

    my other two are 20 and 18 now and suffered from eczema so they had special lotions from our Doctor.

    moisturizers are important also as lots of babies are chubby and so it is not to let the skin dry as this can lead to chaffing if I remember correctly!

    • Hi Darren, thank you so much for sharing your experience of having kids with dry skin. I can easily relate to that as my daughter used to suffer from severe dry skin and later on eczema a lot, and I have to bath her and massage her, It is certainly a hard work but we as parents always do it with all our love.

  7. This is very beneficial to every parent who need a very natural and simplistic approach. Quite a few of the popular products for bathing your baby have too many ingredients included. It seems more emphasis are placed on selling the product and not taking into account that most chemicals and fragrances included in them are more harmful than effective.

    Mittens are also a great idea in preventing scratches that could cause skin infections. Thank you for
    sharing vital information every parent needs to know to keep their baby health and happy!

    • Hi Phildora, thank you so much for your comments and appreciation. That’s the aim of is , to make baby care. education and other activities very simplistic yet effective, that we can easily incorporate in our super busy schedule.


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