Playing card games are one of the favorite entertaining activity for adults and kids. Though, most of the people play this game to avoid boredom but, according to recent studies, playing card games with kids at home enhance their educational and emotional skills. So, the card games can be the cheapest but healthiest entertaining activity for kids to play with friends, siblings, and parents. Here is a review of Asmodee Dobble card game, it is one of the best image recognition game to play with grown-up kids to have more fun at home, picnic, or where ever you want.

Asmodee Dobble Card Game:

Asmodee Dobble is the award-winning card game for kids and adults. The age recommendation for playing this game is 6+, however, there is a junior version with the name Dobble Kids available for 4 and 5 years old kids so that they could also have fun playing this game. These Dobble card games can be played by two to eight persons in which players strive to find the one matching image between every single pair. Each card contains 8 images, whereas in the junior version there would be 6 images on each card, their color and designs are same but the sizes and positions of each image are different on each card which can be difficult to spot.

Product Title: Dobble
Manufacturer: Asmodee
No. of Players: 2 to 8
Age Range: 6+
Where To Buy: Amazon US and Amazon UK

Product Price: $22.75 /  £9.00

How To Play?

Dobble card game is a very simple yet interesting game. It comes in very nice packaging which consists of a little tin containing 55 cards along with a leaflet that explains the rules to play the game which hardly take 30 seconds to understand. The leaflet also tells you the 5 mini-games that can be played. 

Place the single card in the middle and rest distribute between the players. As soon as you get your cards to start finding your matching picture, once you have found, just shout it out and place your card beside the middle one. This whole process of matching the image is quite entertaining and funny. It looks very simple and easy but sometimes you can’t spot it as fast as you think you can. Every card has one unique image but it becomes difficult to find exactly where it is which creates panic in a fun way as everyone works hard to find the spot. A demonstration video is given below, for your ease to understand the rules. Let’s have a look…

Benefits of Playing With Dobble Card Game:

Though it’s just a pattern recognition game which seems like an entertaining activity, it also promotes healthy competition, increases social interaction, and develops several other skills in children, like:

  • Enhance motor and cognitive skills.
  • Sharpens memory in a way of matching numbers and pattern recognition.
  • Improves hand-eye coordination and concentration.
  • Develop observation skills.
  • Stimulate and exercises the brain.
  • Strengthen the family relationship.
  • Teaches patience.


Parents always look for interesting toys and games for their little and grown-up kids. So, the Asmodee Dobble Cards and Dobble Kids are the best selection for them to have full on fun together. The cartoon pictures on the cards attract the little kids as well. It is very entertaining and fun filled game. Every family should have these Dobble cards at home to avoid boredom and to increase the interaction with their kids at home. To place an order now click the box below, I am sure your preschoolers would love playing this game. Just try it once if you haven’t yet.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, if you have played this card game with your kids and friends share your experience in the comment box below, I will be glad to read your experiences.

Dobble Kids UK

Dobble Kids US

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  1. I can definitely see this being a fun game for people of all ages. It’s definitely simple, but sometimes the simpler the better as they’re easier to understand and will bring more fun in favor of the more complex games which might take on a more serious approach.

    The most rewarding aspect of Dobble is the fact that it will sharpen a child’s mind, which is something that grows more critical as we continue to head deeper into the digital age. Peoples’ overall attention spans aren’t what they were, but with games such as these, a remedy for such a trend will develop.


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