About Me

I am Sarah, a medical graduate but has been a full time mum since I became mother of two, a beautiful 4-year-old daughter Kija and 1 year old naughty boy Abraham. I suppose there is no need for me to explain that being mum is a 24/7 job especially if you want to enjoy the full bliss of motherhood.  Hence, I left my work after Kija was born to concentrate on her upbringing and care. Birth of Abraham then really blossomed our lives and it also reinforced my conviction to be a full-time mum.

As we all know that how useful or sometimes confusing internet could be when it comes to information finding. Everything is just a click away but Are the sources reliable? Would you really read anything on web and implement it? I am sure the answer would be – NO.

So, as a busy mum, I was always on a hunt for such websites that are reliable and provide friendly information about kids’ products, learning, creativity, games, toys, growth and activities etc. Considering the time it takes I wanted a solution where parents could get all the information in an easy to understand format.

This is when the idea clicked in my mind to start my own website ”kiddieversity.com”  where all the parents or even kids could get all sorts of  information.

There are two interesting reasons that drove the name “kiddieversity”

  • Kiddieversity symbolises university i.e. place of education, where one simple website or portal provides you the required knowledge about the issues or advice relevant to parenting, babies and kids of different age group.


  • Second reason behind “kiddieversity” name is diversity, which actually came from considering the diverse nature of kids. I can tell you form my personal experience that how diverse my two kids are. Kija is very calm and shy girl whereas Abraham is very naughty and social boy who loves people’s company. They are polls apart. Therefore, strategy to handle them has to be different.


Kiddieversity provides a platform for all of us to share view, thoughts, ideas, tips and tricks about good parenting. As being a medical graduate, I can certainly advice for things that can be followed with caution. Furthermore, my experience of being a mother for last 4 years has given me wealth of knowledge which I can share with all of us.

The root idea of Kiddieversity actually came from family and friends who encouraged me to share my creative and interesting ideas online and help the world out. How successful would I be in this endeavour? Time will tell, but I hope my efforts would be paid-off, if I could help any parent or guardian in their blessed journey of caring young ones.


I wish you all the true success… Be Blessed…!



Please feel free to let me know your opinions or questions at sarah@kiddieversity.com