Having a good and healthy lifestyle is quite beneficial for everyone. There are countless benefits of healthy lifestyle for the people of all ages kids, teens, adults and old. Achieving a good and healthy life style is very simple, it is nothing more than adopting the certain practices of healthy behaviour towards healthy life. Maintaining a good and healthy lifestyle helps you to stay away from chronic diseases. Just follow these 3 easy tips for healthy lifestyle and enjoy the life you are living.

Proper Exercise:

Exercise is a physical activity that helps to maintain the physical fitness of the body. It doesn’t only strengthening the muscles of a body to stay healthy and well but also enhance the immune system and prevent from chronic diseases as well.

To get a healthy lifestyle include exercising in your daily routine along with the healthy diet. There are different types of exercising are available, you don’t need to spend hours and hours for the sake of long workouts. Just be habitual of doing something different from routine go for a walk, do running, aerobics or anything that could involve your whole body parts. This practice helps you to feel happy:

  • You feel relax and energetic.
  • Helps in maintaining weight.
  • Makes muscles and bones strong.
  • Helps in maintaining physical and mental health.
  • prevent from chronic diseases like heart stroke and diabetes etc.
  • Helps in reducing stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Helps in sleeping better.

Healthy Foods:

When eat food, our body uses it to yield energy. In this process, there are a lot of chemical reactions occur that produces energy from this food and we use this energy to grow, to stay healthy and to do our everyday work. Therefore, practicing to have a healthy diet is very crucial for your healthy lifestyle. Start you day with a healthy breakfast. Being busy with job, kid’s school run and other responsibility, we usually don’t bother about breakfast, never skip breakfast meal. Eat leafy green vegetables, protein, Iron, Fiber as all are very necessary to remain energetic for living a happy and healthy life.


Meditation itself is a process of putting mind into the silent mode in order to spend peaceful time with positive thoughts for relaxing the mind. The major purpose or goal of meditation is to attain an internal peace and intensify personal and spiritual growth. In practicing meditation you need concentrated focus on something specific like sound. As, meditation comes in the process of relaxation and its benefits are endless.

  • one of the best way for adopting healthy lifestyle.
  • Improves focus and concentration.
  • Helps in reducing stress and depression.
  • Relaxing the mind.
  • Improves immune system.
  • Prevent body from chronic diseases.
  • Increase well-being of mental and physical health.
  • Helps in control emotions.
  • Brings the anger down.

So, these were the 3 simple tips to get a healthy lifestyle. The better you work on these tips the more you will have chance to spend a good and happy life. I hope you would love following these tips and would leave your feedback in order to encourage my effort. If you want to know about any specific query and topic do leave your query in the comment box below.



  1. Wow Sarah.
    These are cool lifestyle tips.
    To be honest, I make a resolution every year that I will exercise regularly but unfortunately I cannot fulfil it.
    Hope I succeed this year

    • Hi Huzefa, thank you for your comments. I am sure you will follow your resolution this time onwards, it is difficult to start but when you started to follow everything routinely then you won’t feel difficulty.

  2. I love these tips and I agree with them all. I think anyone who practices these three will benefit from them and teach great healthy choices to their children. Eating breakfast is very important and it sets the path for the rest of your day. Thanks for these great tips!

    • Hi Melissa, thank you for sharing your views on this article, I am glad that you agree with the points i have mentioned about healthy lifestyle. All three points are the basis to lead a healthy and relaxed life.

    • Hi Rihards, thank you so much for sharing your views on this article, I am sure you will feel clear difference in your health and fitness after following these three points.

  3. Hi, meditation is the hardest thing to do in the world. If I try to blank my mind I think more. I think about thinking about blanking my mind. I think about not being successful in not thinking. I guess I will just have to relax in a quiet space instead. Unless you have any helpful tips to stop the mind thinking.
    Cheers Dave

    • Hi Dave, you are absolutely right, meditation is hard because we are not habitual of concentration, Once we get used to it, we find it magical as far as relaxing our mind is concerned.

  4. You are absolutely right in your assessment! I get up and do slight exercise every morning, along with meditating for daily elevation.

    Im learning to eat better by consuming more fruits and vegetables. I love smoothies 🙂

    • Hi Ejay, I am glad that you are already doing regular exercise and meditation and I am sure you will work on your healthy eating habits as well, everything starts very slowly but we will get used to it very easily.

  5. Great tips and ideas. My favorite is meditation. I aim to meditate daily, and find listening to meditations at night also helps me get to sleep. Exercise is one area I tend to not do as often, but does vacuuming count lol! I think if I can incorporate exercise in my daily routine, this will help me get back into it. Thanks for the reminder. I know how valuable it is, especially with boosting dopamine which help with feeling good. Great post, I’ll be sure to come back again :).

    • Hi Kat, I really appreciate your comments on this article. I am glad that you practice meditation on regular basis. Meditation is not only to do during the day, we can do it at any time and yes if it is done going to bed, it helps us having a really sound sleep.

  6. I love this idea for a healthy lifestyle and you have given some great advice to help us achieve this goal. Sometimes I struggle to meditate everyday. Do you think its better to meditate in the morning or in the evening?

    • Hi Anthea, thank you so much for your comments. You can meditate at anytime of the day, in the, even before going to bed.

  7. Thanks for the good advice Sarah. The 2 most important may be healthy food and meditation.

    They will both have very great impact on the health of body and soul both.

    The leafy green food are rich in antioxidants and will protect against the Nasty free radicals, which are the main cause, of deteriorating vision, and cancer, and many more ailments.

    • Hi Goran Omar, thank you for sharing your views on this article and for your appreciation. I agree with you 100%, Good food and Meditation are most important to live a healthy life.

  8. Hi Sarah, I think you nailed it with these 3 tips. In fact, if somebody asked me what are the 3 most important things for a healthy lifestyle I would say exactly the same thing!
    You are absolutely right when you say that everybody should be living healthily as much as possible no matter what their age. Especially in the world today that is highly polluted, plus the chemicals in our food and water etc. We all need to eat good food and exercise to keep our bodies detoxified .
    And meditation is the best thing to combat stress, which is another leading cause of disease, therefore we should ll be taking time to fit this into our lives too. The pay off is so worth it!


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